MortgageDocs Payment Process

Has anyone had any work history with MortgageDocs ?

Is anyone familiar with NotaryCloud out of Nevada?

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Yes! They offer low and take forever to pay!! I had invoices pending and they paid after almost 90 days. Actually I’ve an invoice of $30 and it’s due for almost 60 days…I sent an email to Rudy Baldoni supposedly the manager and nothing. They don’t answer phone calls or emails…do not take any assignment with them!

MortgageDocs is the worst of the worst. Avoid them like the plague.

Mortgage Docs has ruined it for me. I will never do any other signings. I have not been paid for a job last year. I very upset that they would not return my calls and I left a very brief reason for my call. I started my company last year when the company that I worked for, for a number of years had closed. I was a notary for many years and decided to start my own company. I went through the training, got certified, purchased E & O insurance and did everything that I needed to do. I worked some assignments for them. The last assignment that I received, I had everything on set, copies made, and I had just pulled into the driveway of my appointment. Mortgage Docs called and cancelled, wanted me to come back later. Unfortunately, I was unable to come back, so they sent me on my way, had me shred the paperwork and got someone else. They told me that they would pay me for my time, gas, etc. They allowed me $15.00 and never paid.

Since then, I have reviewed postings on Notary Café and other websites. I was discouraged at all of the business out there that can’t be trusted! What is left?? Especially for a new company starting out. I have decided to pursue other options with my company. It is difficult to trust that I will be paid for my services when that company is in another state and unfortunately they are getting away with it.

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Yes, I signed 12 loans for them the year of 2016 and was not paid for one of them. I have called the office was told to send an email to the billing department because I would get an answers faster. I did that and a week later I had not heard from them so I called they were to busy to answer the phone. I have now pulled all my work orders and will be calling the company I closed for.