Mortgage Docs -

Be warned that receiving payment from this company for notary assignments is very difficult. I completed a signing on 6/23 and still haven’t been paid. I put in many phone calls and emails to them and they have not replied. Do not take notary assignments from this company!

I’m so sorry that you are a growing number of Signing Agents not being paid with this company. I did read on another forum that after contacting the actual lender of the loan, they were paid.

Good luck.

I had did a signing on May 23, and even set up my ach . I was to be credited on July 1, 2016 and have been calling them since, sending emails and trying to light a fire under them. This loan was a distance and a very long signing with printing 350 pages as well , Its ashamed that it seems like we dont have any resources to get them to pay except for maybe small claims court.

Tania (in illinois)

I have worked with them for years. Make sure you are seeking payment with their invoice and emailing it to them as instructed. They pay on the 20th of each month for prior month work. You can always email then and they are pretty quick at responding to email questions.

I have read on 2 other forums from too many people stating their emails are not being responded to.

I’ve worked with them for a few years without a problem. In the past year or so they’ve taken longer to pay (45-60 days). I don’t do much work with them anymore - but I haven’t yet put them on my ‘scrap’ list.