Satellite Signing Services Payment

Has anyone had issues being paid by this company? I did a signing in May 2019 and I have not been paid, I have reached out to the phone numbers even the emergency number and no one is returning my call.

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As per other notaries and google they do not pay maybe you need to call the title company and report your payment issue to them.

I was asked to complete an application for Satellite Signing Services on 9/6/19. I knew I shouldn’t have accepted this assignment but I had nothing better to do that day so I took it. The assignment was 40 miles from my HO. I went to the assignment, spent close to an hour (elderly people who had a lot of questions) followed by their decision NOT to proceed with the loan. My instructions were to call the loan officer if they did NOT sign the app. When I called the loan officer and told him that they decided not to proceed with the loan his comment to me was “I didn’t think they would”. I have tried to reach the Satellite Signing offices but have not been successful. Every time I call the call goes to VM. What kind of business does not answer their phones during normal business hours? In this instance it doesn’t matter whether Satellite Signing got paid or not. The facts are that I drove to the assignment, spent almost an hour of my time and drove back to my HO and I have NOT been paid. I strongly suggest that you do not do business with Satellite Signing Services. One other thing… I will never accept an assignment to complete an application again. A completion of an application for a loan doesn’t need the services of a notary. Companies like Satellite Signing Services need to be removed from doing business in our industry. Incidentally, I got this assignment through I have tried to get them to do something about what happened. To date their position is that they are a platform for providing outlets for lenders who need notaries and a source for business for notaries. That’s all well and good but if this industry doesn’t start policing itself (and all who are associated with the industry) then we will be policed by outside organizations who will regulate us even more than we already are. So the best way to get those companies who are dishonest out of our industry is to not favor them with any business. If they get no business they will have to close their doors and I say, “Good riddance!”
Mitch Gordon, Notary Signing Agent
Charlotte, NC

Still waiting for payment from them for signing early October. Called, billed - no response.