California E&O Insurance and where to buy supplies


I am a new notary in the state of CA. I wanted some info on where the experts buy the California bond and E&O insurance from. I checked Notary Rotary and saw their $15K bond + $100K/term E&O policy for $208/term. Is this a good place to buy from?

Also where do you all buy your supplies from.

Thanks again!

Your bond should have been paid with your commissioning - the bond has to be in place before your commission is issued. You probably already paid that with your application.

Notary Rotary’s prices are fairly competitive and reasonable for E&O - that’s where I get mine.

I don’t do loan signings any more so supplies are not an issue for me. I used to buy my toner and drums from Quick Ship Toner, but I think there are other good places to use. You may try searching here for that answer, or search NotRot - I know for a fact this has been discussed many times over the years there.

Good luck.