California NSA - What is considered additional services outside of a typical loan package

Hello Everyone,

I will be expanding my mobile notary business. I will be starting to do loan signing.
I have been a notary public for a little over 2 years now. I started working for a home builder, and they paid for my notary license to have someone in the office notarize some grant deeds. I was a part of the escrow department so it made sense for a coordinator to go get there license than management.
I would then use my notary license for weekend and side work that i would receive from other business within our complex. My manager knew and they encouraged me to seek the extra work if it helped me obtain more money.

I was laid off after Covid hit. No one was reached out to resumes I have submitted, so I decided since I am familiar with the docs, I should try expanding my own business and start doing loan signing. The silicon valley housing market is doing very well. I figured I would expand the county i would travel to and see how i can grow my business.

From other posts I can see Notaries are charging extra fees for different additional services that is not in your typical packet. What are the additional services outside of a typical packet? how much do you charge for these services? I thought i would come out of the gate with what i would charge extra for or what i would do more as a courtesy. I have calculated my formula to seek profitability from a signing. I just don’t want to cut myself short if there is more money to be made from an appointment.

Thank you for your help in advance. I recently found Notary Cafe and I have found this forum to be so helpful in answering questions.


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Edocs are pretty much assumed/covered in your fee. The ‘extras’ would be over average pkg. size and scanbacks. Some charge a bit more if there are more than 2 signers or if they are expected to hand-deliver signed docs to title. Of course, your fee will vary by drive time/mileage. Those are the only things I can think of for loan pkgs.

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Thanks for the info.
How many pages do you consider the average sized loan doc?