Can tips be accepted?

If a price to perform a mobile Notary is given, accepted by the client, and the client wants to give you a tip:

  1. Can we accept tips?
  2. How do you account for that in your accounting software?

I would think you can graciously accept the “tip”, but I would account for every penny received on the assignment - is there a way to add it in as “other compensation”? If not, just add it into your additional fee over and above your fee for the notarization.

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I do not get monetary tips from borrowers, but in occasions when the signings are in the country I got back home with the signings documents complete, plus jars of salsa, tomatoes, squash etc. you name it!


This is a difficult question to answer. Tips can come in many forms. In almost every East Indian home where I complete a signing I am offered food. I am an international cook so I can often discuss their food and food regions. Though I decline their offer of food, it’s not unusual to leave the appointment with jarred sauces or a spice I am unfamiliar with. I’ve left with seeds or snips of plants from gardeners ( another passion). Once I did a late evening (private) appointment at a hospital. It was difficult because it was clear there had been some trauma to the young woman and the brother was helping her with some legal documents that needed notarizing. She was fragile but lucid and the notarization was at her request. As I left, the brother walked me to the exit and thanked me profusely for my service, stating that I didn’t charge nearly enough for my service. He presented me with an envelope and asked me to please put it into my briefcase and don’t open it until I reached home. He and I had spoken on the phone before I accepted the appointment. He shared a bit more with me about his sister’s circumstances when he met me at the hospital and again as I was leaving. I expected it was a note of gratitude for sensitively handling a difficult situation. Several hours later I was surprised to find several hundred dollar bills in that envelope. I thought about that “tip” a long while before deciding it was not for the notarization. I didn’t declare it as part of my business. I also don’t tell the agencies about the food, sauces, seeds and plant clippings! I don’t believe there is a perfect lens through which to view this issue.

Thank you, that is what I thought I would do.

Well that sounds yummy! Those are good tips.

What a nice gesture! It defiantly is a grey line. Thanks for answering!