Closing Companies

New to business and yet to sign one yet. I am told I need to apply. How do I find the closing companies so that I might apply?

Thanks for your help.


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Are in you SnapDocs?.. that’s the most common site to get new agents assignments. If you’re and still don’t get any assignment, then I suggest you review your credentials with them, and verify if all requested information is in it. I’m talking about availability, time, your skills, etc… and remember, companies “demand” for laser printers and scanners on hand. Make sure your notary commission certificate is uploaded.
Good luck :+1:

Thanks. I have all the equipment and on the ready to get going

How long you have been a NSA? Recently?

I’m new too just passed the test. How much is SanpDocs?

Snapdocs doesn’t coat anything. You sign up and upload your credentials.

Thank you for the response. I still don’t have the commission I’m all done now just waiting. I’ll make sure I sign up as soon as I get that number.

Try signing order/ Notary resume too.

I am not certified. Do I need to ?

Is not a requirement, but it’s very helpful. The investment will pay off.

You can list yourself on Snapdocs but be aware that most offers are very low. However it is a good place to start. NotaryRotary and 123Notary have lists of signing services and title companies that you can use to market your business. One of the first steps you should take is develop a business plan and determine the fee you need to charge in order to make a profit. As you build your business, you can start to market to individual companies through the lists of companies, instead of relying on a web site to find your jobs.


I just signed up them for free. I’m new as well and the interface is quite simple and user friendly. I’ve gotten some requests but had to update my location as those were 3hrs away…