Companies that do not pay

Please do NOT write it off.
Go back to your order sheet , email, find out who the Lender / Title is.
Contact them with your complaint. Preferabbly address the compliance officer or operations head or disbursement officer in those companies.

If you are not able to, Kindly SHARE the names of lenders / title with me. I will get them booted.

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Make sure to post a review about them on Google Plus and Yelp. Just look for their listings. If they aren’t there. You can create their listings. Their clients should know about them.


UPDATE: FINALLY PAID !!! I called again last week on Tuesday, different call talker? Gave her my story, she said, someone will call you back! I said, " I’ve been waiting on a call for over 37 days and no one has ever called me back… She sounded genuinely concerned/surprised … On Thursday I got an email saying my check was processed and mailed expect it in 3-4 days. On Monday I got a called from a scheduler wondering if I would be available to do a signing on the 17th… I laughed and said honey you gotta pay me first, you owe me…she hung up on me… Well today I got my check… I was so happy!! My only 2016 outstanding (they owe me)!! Hallelujah!!! Now I’ll block them!!


Try contacting Steve Baldoni at 949-656-8628 if hes still there he may be able to help. They owed me a bunch of money last year and it took 6 months for me to get paid. I called him almost every week until they paid me everything they owed me…I just kept bugging them until they did!

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Glad to hear you got paid. I had trouble, also. The first 2 interactions with them were bad so I took that as a red flag and decided not to do business with them anymore. I’ve been hung up on, also. Bad customer service! Got my check and moving on!!

I’m sorry they owe you that much money, I 'm out $75 so I know what you talking about.

Have the same problem with The Notary Pool. If they used Unisource as the title agency. Contact Barbie below.

Just spoke to someone at unisource. They seemed very accommodating and sympathetic.
If the title agency was Unisource/NetworkCapital, you can contact send an email to the following person at Unisource.

Phone number is 949 222 9091. Ref the team when you call.

I just sent an email to them with the email strings between the notary pool and myself.

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But so many companies want that NNA certification!

Mortgage Docs owed me $60 for a signing in November. Today I sent this email to them
**I did a signing on 11/22/16 for this client and I still did not get paid yet. Please look into it. **
In 3 days if I don’t get my payment I will send an email to lender to ask for payment"
Within 5 minutes, Rudy Baldoni, the CEO email me back right away and promised to pay me this Friday.

For all the notaries that did not get paid from the bad signing companies, just email to the lenders/escrow companies from those files. The lenders will stop using those bad signing companies for the future service. The signing companies will lose that account and suffer much more damages financially much more than the few hundred bucks they cheat on you. That is what I think


Mobile Notary Express is PAST Due 3 months. Getting a run around when I call.

Thxs Janet for all this great information and hopefully other notaries follow thru with this. Appreciate all your great help…

Even after you get paid , PLEASE DO US ALL NOTARIES A FAVOR

Find out the compliance office, lenderrs manager, escrow agent, their manager.
Write an EMAIL. PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME To Put this practice to end.
EMAIL THEM ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE and then TELL THE LENDERS/ TITLE / ESCROW Managers to stop working with these UNSCRUPLOUS AGENTS of SHAM. Shame them !! CUt them out … You will DO US ALL A YUGEEE Favor…



As a professional notary, I completely agree receiving nonpayment
for services rendered is absurd. There are many disreputable companies that I
think simply lack integrity and professional ethics. Last year, I completed
work for EC Financial June of 2016 and Mortgage Docs and did not receive
immediate payment. However, with the same diligence I conduct in operating my
business, advertising and marketing and completing loan signings I applied the
same effort in pursuing my payment. Yet, my husband and I are also LegalShield
Independent Associates. As an associate and member, I simply contacted my
attorney in Virginia who referred me to an attorney in Ohio state where EC
Financial headquarters is located. After speaking with my attorney, he drafted
an initial debt notification letter (October 26, 2016) to which EC Financial
did not respond. I waited several weeks and contacted my attorney again he then
drafted a second debt notification pursuant of further legal actions to which
Ms. Meyerson responded. I received an email on 11/10/2016 and a check on

This blog response is just
a friendly and professional recommendation just to say LegalShield’s monthly
service expense for access to attorney’s in 49 states to include Canada is well
worth it. In addition, they offer a robust identity theft protection plan and
restoration plan. If you are interested, click on the link Welcome to LegalShield
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page, click on the personal tab for as little as $17.95 per month and/or the
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well. Don’t resolve to disregard simply because you might not want to pay the
nominal monthly amount. Rather, consider your membership counts as a business
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please let us know so we can send you a personal thank you card.


Melody Gratic

SMG Premier LLC

President & Owner

Cell: 703-957-9631


NLC always pays me on time. I even get an email with a summary when the payment is mailed. However, seems like they’ve lowered fees lately. They are paying around $80 for a refinance, I think this is too low for dealing with NationStar loans. Anyone else agree?


good luck trying to get more. the scheduler will tell you they have to get approval - then you don 't hear from them. hopefully you’ve got enough signings to walk away from them.


Global Notary owed me from Feb 11, 2017. The latest word on another forum was they were “out of business” and I had not been able to get in touch with them 3-4 weeks ago.I sent several dozen emails to tech support. No one replied at all!!
When I called title (Linear) the call taker said… well we paid them, and it’s too bad if they don’t pay you! We have no more to do with it!!! I was upset to say the least! Lo and behold… they PAID me on the 20th of April… Thank God!!! just my FYI.

I’m fed up!!! Let’s put those thieves out of business! Today I drafted a letter meant for the Title company in regards to non payment from these 3rd parties companies. We need to write emails to the title companies, they have to made aware of what is going on.I want to share a template that I created. feel free to use it, add your own words, twick it a bit (BUT, KEEP IT SIMPLE). ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…I’M PISSED!!!.

Escrow File# :
Loan #:
Borrower Name:
Property Address:
Date of closing:

Att: President , Vice President: (Name of person)
Accounting Department: (name of person)

Hope that this email finds you well. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PAYMENT.

I just wanted to let you know that I have not received payment for this closing completed on .
I have made several attempt to contact xyz third signing company(whom I received the assignment from):
Xyz signing company
123 main st
Us city, us 23020
Email : xyz
All my emails and calls have been unanswered and ignored.
I feel that it is my duty to inform you of the unprofessional practices of xyz signing company.
Feel free to contact me directly for all your closing needs.
Thank you

PS. I have been a loan signing agent for the past 11 years. Feel free to request a copy of all my NNA credentials also available on Snapdocs. Please visit my current profile on Snapdocs


When I was new I was sent to a clients home by Notary24/7 for. Heloc cash out loan. In the state of Texas a cash out must be signed in a lawyers office or a title co. It was not in the NNA training. Notary 24/7 didn’t know either and let me take all the blame. The client complained to the mortgage co and Notary 24/7 dropped me from their database as well as the mortgage co I called the NNA and they did nothing nor did they offer any suggestions

Loans are funded at the closing table so Signing companies get their money and then drag their feel paying us and you are right, not fair

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A suggestion: the names of the escrow officer, the loan officer and the loan processor normally appear on the last page of the closing disclosure. Copy those names when your receive the documents for signing. If it ends up that the signing company does not pay, let them know that all of the parties will be informed of the non payment. It wouldn’t hurt to notify the borrower as well, but do not try to collect from borrower, since they have already paid at the time of closing. If the lenders and borrowers know about the signing company not paying, they might put some pressure on the title company to use a different signing service that pays its vendors

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