Countering SnapDoc/NotaryGo/Misc Signing Services

Ok, silly question, but how do you counter a signing offer from any of the signing companies like NotaryGo or SnapDocs (I know that SD is really software and not a signing service) etc? Are you saying “No” and then countering in the reason why or “Yes” and then countering if you’re chosen?

Thanks in advance everyone!

It’s ‘decline’ or ‘accept’…mostly. If you ‘accept’, you’re accepting it as stated–date, time, fee offered. I don’t think it’s wise to ‘accept’ and then try to counter. If you decline, it usually asks for your ‘reason’…which then allows you to counter. i.e, ‘fee too low’>enter acceptable fee OR ‘unavailable’>enter a time that you would be available. ALL the ‘reasons’ for declining have a comment section.

Having said that, a few of these platforms (usually co-specific ones) do NOT have this feature. It’s strictly ‘take it or leave it’.


That’s kind of what I figured. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

On SnapDocs when you get a text for a signing request, click the link in the text. You will then go to the SnapDocs website with the order details, at the top it asks “Are you available for this signing” and at the bottom you will see “I’m available” and “No, because…”
If you click “No, because…” you will be sent to a screen with about 6 different options including “Location is too far away” and “The pay is too low.” Click the option that applies and you will be able to put in a counteroffer dollar amount that you would complete the signing for. The company will contact you if they are willing to accept your counteroffer.

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Arichter is right.
I am listed on Snapdocs and never accepted a signing. The signing agents or title companies are missing some information on their requests. For me in order to accept a “fair” signing, I basically need to know what type of loan, how many pages, refi or new loan so I can determine my loan signing fee. If I don’t see these information, I decline most of the time. Once you click “accept” you are responsible for the signing and no more counter offer. My advice is to think it through and do no accept a very low fees.

Agreed. Some of the outfits slip the camel’s nose under the tent; suggesting that’s all there is to it. Then, once you have agreed to it, you get the full disclosure… addresses that are 5 miles outside the city limits on a dirt road; or a VA signing with 200 pages, etc.

Plan on the worst when you make your counter. If the number of pages is not disclosed, assume 150 and quote for it. Calculate the miles to the center of town and add a few more miles in your estimate. No mention of scanbacks? Add $10.
Maybe itemize all that in your counter.

Finally, don’t go below your minimum; unless you know EXACTLY what it will cost you. For me, that minimum is $85; soon to go up now that I have 25 signings under my belt. So don’t ignore those $30 offers, decline them and counter for $100. Or $125.

That’s when the negotiating begins!

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Talk about slipping the camel’s noose. I just countered a NotaryGo 5:00pm signing offer and as I did, they informed me that among many stipulations I have to agree to, that package must be dropped off same day, but you need copies of IDs (don’t have mobile printer so need to go back home to print) and…that before you even return the packet via UPS, you have to email/send back images of the deed, 1003 and another document to get permission to return send it. Seems like kind of a challenge when they want it shipped the same day for a 5:00pm signing.

I think that is just a standard NotaryGo automated response. There is no way a shipping company can get docs out the same day for a 5:00pm signing. I have done a few for NotaryGo but I usually counter twice what they offer so I don’t do very many for them.

i counter regularly. I am available some nights but don’t want to do it for $100 or whatever (depending on the travel time) and i counter. so if they need someone badly they will call me. i do not like Notary Go as they are very low in pay and have had some very bad experiences with their debt settlement ones (guy on drugs, having to enter a garage converted bedroom of a guy on drugs, etc).

Yikes! Yes, definitely not worth it.

I would let them know the last pick up of the package from UPS or FedEx. In our area 3:00 PM is the last time of pick up. I do not entrust the package to just drop it off in the box without a receipt. So there is no way for me to return the signed documents the same day for 5:00 PM signing. I decline the signing if this was me. Time allowance is important for accuracy, less pressure of work and to be able to accomplish what needs to be done.