How to negotiate with texts from

How to negotiate with texts from ?

I started getting text’s from , it/message has options to accept or decline, or leave message. Once you respond with above options, you can’t do any thing after that.

The fees offered was low, so I want to counter offer, So is there way to negotiate ?

I still don’t have access to their site ? should I register with them , any suggestion

Thank you in advance.

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I always check to see if the email address of the scheduler is listed below and if so i send them an email.

Thank you,

Do site charges monthly fees ? is it ok to register with them any sugestions ?

Click on “leave message”. I generally just enter my counter amount - $150, for instance, or alternative time.

Then do you ever get the signing? If I counter, I never get the signing. Only if I accept, then follow up with email about fee do I get the signing. I also get scolded for doing it that way tho.

thank you @judikidd, @zena , I will follow your tips on leave message options. I tried couple of them, they have not assigned.

The signing fees offers on by their vendors are ridiculously low, example Refinance $75 with witness :-), For experience I did one Sellers documents signing, I am just monitoring their offers , not attempting to get assigned and lose my money :smile:

Signingorder is just a platform for signing services. Signingorder isn’t setting the fee, the signing service is. Just something to remember :slight_smile:

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