Covid Warning

I have covid for the Second time.

A little background. I caught Covid January 2020 New Years before it was announced that it was out there. I was sick for 7 weeks, my husband 4. I am a healthy person and I have had no lasting issues. One of the lucky ones. My husband is an ICU Charge nurse in a well regarded hospital. He is in the thick of this and let me tell you…TV does not even come close to reality. It is much worse than you think.

Because of state notary guidelines and from his experience, I wear a mask and gloves to EVERY signing, regardless of what the client says. I have had many…many client tell me I do not have to wear a mask for a variety of reason, “They are fully vaccinated, It’s not a thing, to God is protecting me.” I politely explain that my husband is an ICU nurse and insist on my protecting you and me. The ICU thing usually ends that part of the conversation quickly. Also, even though it is not mandated, I wear a mask everywhere with the only exception the gym. I wipe down every machine and social distance. I do not go into crowded areas.

Here is where I made my mistake… As you know, wearing a mask protects other people from your germs, not you from theirs. When clients have asked me if I would like for them to wear a mask, I consistently have told them, “I am fully vaccinated and I have also had Covid. It is up to you if you would like to wear a mask.” Some of my clients wear a mask, most do not. I thought I was safe but on 10/12 I started to develop a lil cough. Nothing big, I didn’t think anything of it. The next night I went to bed a lil dizzy. No biggie, I get that if I have a sinus infection so I took sinus meds. On 10/14, I still had a little cough. It reminded me of the cough I had the first time but it wasn’t even close to the way I felt. I decided to get a covid test, only because of what my husband does, and I would be remiss if I didn’t take things seriously, especially with new variants.

I went to Urgent care and took the rapid test. I had signings that evening. Yep, I was positive! Mind you, my symptoms are VERY mild, but I am under quarantine for 10 days. I lost $500 in scheduled appts and probably another $500 in potential signing because I protected my clients but DID NOT PROTECT ME. Many don’t know they have this. They only reason why I checked is because I had it before. Any other time in my history, I would have ignored the symptom and went on about my business.

You cannot force a client to wear a mask, but if they ask, take them up on it. Protect yourselves People. A few nights ago my husband told me 6 people died in one night, to include a 39 year old who’s 2 teenage sons were at her bedside.

I am fine. A little persisting sore throat, but I have 2 more days of imprisonment😂 I cannot go near my 90 year old father. My husband has been tested and my trainer. They are negative. Covid does not just effect you, but your family, your family’s income, not to mention those you come into contact with. If my trainer had contracted it, all he comes into contact with, their families and friends, on and on, could have been infected…and it started with me.

Please be safe out there. You are special to someone!:blush:


I can relate and glad you are recovering - hope it continues uneventfully.

I got my vaccines in January and February (Moderna) - I wear my mask all the time - but on 7/30/2021 I went to get my hair done - my hairdresser is a friend I’ve known for 15 years and she has a small one-chair shop - she has been tested like crazy because she also drives a school bus;

Well, I went and she and her husband needed something notarized - while in this small shop, he came in, put the docs in front of me (very close quarters) - it was then they told me he’d been sick in bed with a fever for 2 days and she then told me she was “sniffly with a sore throat”; we carried on and afterward, after I got home, I sent her a FB message just saying “please let me know how your Covid Test goes”;

This was on a Friday - on Monday she sends me the results - they’re both positive; I’d already started to not feel so good but, like you, assumed allergies (it IS Florida after all). Few days later I was tested and came back negative; didn’t feel better a week later and got tested again - positive; spent 20 days in quarantine, along with my husband (poor guy) - thankfully he never got it.

It took me forever to feel almost normal; the most lingering problem I had was total exhaustion; no stamina and I’m wiped out after 3-4 hours.

Stay healthy and be careful all


Thank you for sharing that. The saddest stories my husband tells me about is when families are in the ICU, usually husbands and wives together. One instance the wife died next to the husband. He was sedated so he did not know. They were dreading having to tell him, but he died a week later. A mother lost her adult children 2 weeks apart, no vaccine. She contracted it and died 2 months later…no vaccine. There is one daughter left. Another woman died, after her husband, no vaccine. One of her request to her friend that is caring for her children now is, to make sure her children are vaccinated.

So many tragedies. I could not do what he does. Stay safe.

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Our nephew passed from it in June - he was 51 - not sure if he was vaccinated or not. But though he did initially died of covid what killed him was the damage it did to his internal organs.

Our daughter will not get vaccinated and will not allow her boys to be vaccinated; which now begs the question for us - they live in CT - if they decide to come visit, do we allow it or say “no thank you”; how do we say no to seeing our grandchildren…not to mention we were up there last November and nobody was vaccinated then…

Catch 22


Wow! That is a tough place to be. These are the decisions people are being forced to make. I don’t envy you at all. I pray nothing happens to them. CT is over 70% vaccinated, but unfortunately this virus doesn’t care about borders. Hopefully they will make the best decision for all family and friends. I just hope the lesson doesn’t come with the death of someone they love.

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To me, Linda H-Fl, it’s not as hard of a decision. In your case, look at it as a lesson to be learned by your Grandkids. “Mom/Dad how come we haven’t seen Grandma?”. Well there will have to be an explanation coming from Mom/Dad and young minds are not stupid, rather they are inquisitive or at the least they’ll remember an answer in later years.
Why are we not vaccinated? Whatever the answer - they’ll learn.
Right or wrong decision? Whatever the answer - they’ll remember.
I have no patience for people who live in our society, but want the rules that pertain to just themselves. (The ones they like or agree with).
I recently told someone, that there is a perfect place where you can make all the rules and obey your very own laws. Loook at your TV schedule and search for: Alaska: The Last Frontier or perhaps" Alaskan Bush People. If you like it, I’ll help you pack. If you don’t and want to stay here (wherever that is) the price is “being a ‘decent’ member of society”. Helping to spread a Virus carelessly is not being a decent member of that society.
Be well.
As Nancy Reagan used to say: “Just say NO” You’ll be fine.


Are you stating that you got COVID from a signer that was not wearing a mask?

It …of course is impossible to determine exactly where I picked up the virus. One thing I do know is where I didn’t.

Point being, wearing a mask and gloves when you work with the public only goes so far. Safety is a 2 way street. The only thing I can control is what I do. I relaxed by not taking my clients up on whether I wanted them to wear a mask or not.

I was very grateful to a client a few months back who call me to inform me he had tested positive soon after I had left. I was appreciative.

I am glad, even though I got it, that I protected my clients, their families, my family and those I do not even know. My donning a mask may have saved a life.

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