Companies ignoring COVID protocol

Hi All,
Yesterday I was offered a signing for today through Signing Carolina and Lawyers 1st Title. The docs were not available until today, and when I called the primary signer to confirm their receipt and our appt time, the he told me that one of the signers was supposed to call me. He had not, so I asked what the call was about. The primary signer told me that the other signer had tested positive for COVID 5 days previously. I called the other signer who confirmed that he had tested positive. I called Signing Carolina, and they told me to call Lawyers First Title. Lawyers 1st wanted me to have the positive signer sign his docs in a different room. I hung up and thought about it before responding, thinking about COVID protocol, the surveys, the precautions, etc., and finally I thought about the new grandbaby who is supposed to join our family in the next few days. There is no way I am going to knowingly expose myself and be a carrier (I am fully vaccinated, 3 times) to others and not be able to hold my new grandchild. There is more to the story, but bottom line, neither company provided me with the information up front that a signer had tested positive, and they have just sent out a notice for a different signer for today, same appointment time. Nowhere in this new listing does it say that a signer has tested positive.

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Also, we are in New England, so signing outside is really not a viable solution.

I would add that I am scheduled to meet with a signer who has cancer and is undergoing treatment. His immune system is shot. I just think this situation with Signing Carolina and Lawyers 1st Title is a wake-up call: Some companies do not care about us, our signers or the welfare of the community. We can easily spread COVID whether or not we are vaccinated.


Hello, I had a similar situation with Signing Carolina. I had a signing scheduled yesterday and confirmed with the client. When I arrived at the signing, the client told me that he wanted me to know that he and his wife both had Covid a few weeks ago but said we are fine now. I was already in their home at their table preparing for the signing when he told me this. I think we should be told up front so that we can make an informed decision on whether we want to take the signing or not. At this point I was already in their home. We ended up going out on their deck but I was not comfortable and I stayed a short distance from them during the signing and left. I told the client that he should of let the company know before hand.

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I would not be mad with the title company about it. They must close on time. Time of the essence. I would explain them that I am not a good candidate for this signing due to the curtain circumstances, but I would not blame them. Things happen, work it out in a polite and professional manner. At the end of the day, it is not their fault that the signers were tested positive.

I applaud your caution with this matter. This is an infectious virus that is literally killing people. I am not an alarmist. My husband is a Charge RN for ICU at a major hospital. I have heard so many tragic stories, TV reports do not come close to what the frontline workers see on a daily basis. Regardless of a companies deadline, they should be mindful of the risk, not to mention, they would not want you traveling to a client if you had a positive test.
I am also vaccinated and I had covid before it was announced it was out there, January 2020. After being fully vaccinated I tested positive this October, again. I caught it from a client. The symptoms were much more milder than the first time, but my 90 father lived with us at the time and I couldn’t go near him.
Food for thought, contracting Covid does not just affect you. This affects everyone you come into contact with, whether you know them or not. My symptoms were mild, but for someone I come into contact with, family, friend or stranger, it could be life threatening.
Do not allow a business to put you in harms way for their $$$. It could mean yours or someone else’s life.

I don’t know why everyone isn’t taking the virus seriously like you and me?