Date missed on a signature line

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new NSA who’s slowly getting into this game. Thus far no issue, but today I received a email from the signing company a week later that there was a date missed on a document. It wasn’t a notarization, it was on the Anti Churning disclosure. The are sending me the doc for a date to be resent.

As the NAS am I able to put in the date and send it back or is it required to be from the signer?

Thanks for the help!

Hey, @lee. Obviously Rule #1 is check your local laws/regulations (the NNA Hotline is a great resource if you are a member). Best practice (at least in my experience) has always been to have the signer do it. I would imagine that most states’ laws would agree, but (again) start there first and use the NNA if you’re able. Hope this helps.

Rule of Thumb: Borrower signed, borrower dates.

The only part of a document you can modify is your own notarial certificate.

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I don’t about your state laws, but I remember missing a date and it not a notaries
doc, I gave my permission to put the date and initial it.