Made a mistake on a document

The title company called me and told me to go fix a document. . I forgot a signature. Do I put todays date or the date from the day we signed the documents?

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You will put the date of the day you signed the document

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Is it just the signers who have to sign or does it need to be notarized?

If it is a notarization, you are required to put the new date of the day you are meeting again with the signer(s). The same would apply if you are signing any other document needing correction that calls for a date.


If it requires a notarization, the notary certificate is the date of the new notarization (no backdating); if it’s the signers dating near their own signature, they follow their TC/Lender instruction as to what date to use; if it’s MY signature requiring a date, it’s the current date I sign it.

Devil is in the details; wish OP would respond.

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Always date the day you sign

I always ask the title company before going back out.

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