Looking for advise

I was assigned a signing with ASAP. I know I’ve heard they don’t pay but let’s give it a try. They send the docs but the date for the signing is July 6th today is July 9th. They want me to go ahead and sign them but it says “On this day before me” so can I notorize that with the wrong date?

1st and foremest, you are notarizing documents that you have identified the signer and witnessed them execute the document(s) on a specific day: the day you do that is the day YOU and signer use. No back dating dates for signers or notaries on signature lines.

Now depending on the type of documents, will also help determine if the documents should be reprinted with date of actual signing. For instance: wills, auto loans have had earlier dates on the documents, but where signers and notaries execute, current date must be written in. Real Estate documents are a whole different ball game. Call the company and request corrected documents or get written permission from them to change dates on documents yourself.

What ever you do… do not notarize a document today and write in a previous date. That is a no- no across the board!


The preprinted date on the documents is not our concern - if the lender wants a borrower to sign a set of documents dated July 6th, so be it.

Your borrower will sign the documents and date them for day of signing, July 9th. Your certificates will be dated for July 9th as well.

NEVER backdate your certificate. You write in the date you witnessed the signing.


I totally agree with Ashamlamy- notify the hiring company of the discrepancy in dates and if they still want you to go ahead make sure you get an email confirming same- The main documents I watch out for is the CD, ALTA, and RTC.

The realm of your purvey and areas of attention are YOUR signatures & dates as well as YOUR Certificates, which you will date on the day that you meet with the signers.

I agree with judikidd [above] that the preprinted date is outside our purview. You’ve made the hiring party aware of your concern & have received their instructions in that regard. Ensure their reply was in writing & keep it with this file.

It would be a significant faux pas [illegal] to use any date other than the actual date of the signing.