E- Notary Help

Hi Agents,

I am looking for some assistance, for those who have experience with E- Notary please provide me a company that offers the best : E- notary seal- digital certificate ? I was looking on the NNA however its not compatible with Notarize which is one of the companies I want to work with. I will be glad to take any additional advice you have regardings online notarization too such as good platforms to use ect… for state of virginia. Thanking you in advance agents !! :upside_down_face:

I use Notary Cam , Notarize and Lexus I found these to be the most useful for a notary services , and if I remember correctly when I signed up notarized gives you their own digital certificate

I recently just tried onboard w/ Notary Cam as it looks like they’ve expanded to hire. Was hoping someone in here has experience with that…