Elite etiquette group

Has any one done a signing with this company before

According to their uninformative website started this year …

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Well, that’s something that should be part of your up-front agreement when you take a signing - tell them your fees for the signing, for no-signs, for cancellations - or should be part of your profile information on any platform where you’re registered; if this was canceled far enough in advance they may feel they do not need to pay you for the printing (ie “you should have waited to print”, they’ll say). Personally, 300 pages, you should be paid something.

Thank you I have to look that up

Thank you, I’m new and this has happened over 3 times this week. As soon as I’m on my way to them. Very last minute. I’m learning that I do need systems in place.

I have not done any signings with them, are they using snapdocs or signings order?

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Signing order from what I have gotten so far

I just did 2 signings for them recently and I just looked and payment policy says 45-60 days. Thats the second signing agency I seen that 60 days. You all know as well as I do that the Title Company pays well before 60 days. I have to wait till November to get paid? …thats insane. Disappointed. I wonder if I should just invoice them.


Yes I saw that too, I did two for them also. I think that’s what in going to do is send a invoice I really don’t understand why it would take so long either


Apparently they were previously miles B signings per the notary group I am in others have not been paid by miles b signings. As recent as Sept 9 someone stated that they did work for elite etiquette group and there was contact information listed at the bottom of the email by Miles B signings. They owe me as well $$$ hundreds. So I wouldn’t suggest it.

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If there are complaints about a signing company not paying does signingorder/snapdocs prevent them from using their platforms? I’ve done signings for both miles b and elite etiquette and it’s been almost 30 days since I’ve done the signings and haven’t been paid yet.


I received a job from The Elite Etiquette Group. I failed to confirm with the signer within 2h for a job that was 4 days away. The Elite Etiquette Group pulled the job from me.
Their loss.

Where did you see that? I dont see where miles b signing is now elite Etiquette group.

Please everyone, if they aren’t paying please contact the title company or signingorder.com direct stating that they aren’t paying. Who said that miles b signing is same as the new elite Etiquette group

Anyone who hasn’t been paid by either, please send me an email with your name and email address used in signing order. Its time to take action and get them off the platform


Someone who did signings for both posted in FB group that, MB Ss didn’t remove/change contact info when emailing as EEG Ss. Never said they were…


CAN ANYONE FIND A MAILING ADDRESS FOR ELITE ETIQUETTE GROUP?? I do see that miles b signing has the same area code as elite etiquette group. I tried calling signing order and they dont answer.

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what is your email address tsglenn75?

he Elite Etiquette Group
This is what I have

Tsglenn75@gmail.com this is my email

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