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yeri2011- Thank you for your reply.

It was only 6 minutes away from my house and the $100 is much better than when they only offer $75-$85.

Nonetheless, Which for all of us, it’s an individual decision on what is acceptable to each notary. Others should NOT try to FORCE their OPINIONS on others. EVERYONE should do what is right for them PERIOD!!

VIPnotaryCO- Good for you!! You need to do what you feel is right for you and that’s it!

it’s an individual decision on what is acceptable to each notary. Others should NOT try to FORCE their OPINIONS on others.

EVERYONE should do what is right for them PERIOD!!


Yes, they are net45/60.

I received direct business for a refinance. When I asked for $150 the guy nearly chocked
and said. “I can’t do that” How about $100. Can you explain this? I think that the state that you’re in has some effect on how much you will make. In my state even if you do a full purchase you will not get $300

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You are absolutely correct. I haven’t seen anywhere, especially any signing services, that offer to pay $375-$400. Those who CLAIM to get paid those fees must get signings from direct clients and not signing services.


Again, EVERYONE needs to do what is good for them and not based on what others CLAIM they will accept or not accept or claim they will not get in their car for less than a certain amount of money.

Don’t base your business based on what others CLAIM in these forums !!!



AMEN to the AMEN you are absolutely right

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@officiallynotarizedva is right - no one should base their business on what folks post in these forums - however, nor should they base their business on hiring parties who state “Lower your fee and you’ll get more business”

That’s the whole point of a good, solid business plan; develop a plan that tells you how much you need to sustain both your business AND you personally (for those who rely on this as sole income) then established your fees and stick to them.

I make my statements because I, for one, know what goes into these signings and what time and expertise is worth - and, IMO, $75 is not a fair fee - and no company can justify it to me as a fair fee for a full refi or purchase w/ scanbacks. I’m sorry - I don’t subscribe to the “take what I can get so I can get it” theory.

Business plan! It’s key to success.


Absolutely accurate, LindaH-FL.

As with any ‘public’ forum, there are good-intentioned contributors/posters and potentially bad-intentioned contributors/posters.

This is the precise reason WHY you’ll read within my posts to ALWAYS remember to gather your information from multiples RELIABLE sources. After gathering all the input, evaluate the data you’ve amassed and then make the determination of what is truthful & accurate. At that point, you may have sufficiently prepared yourself to make a viable decision . . .

Each Notary Café Member owes it to themselves & their business to always maintain an active critical thinking process.

In addition, there are some Notary Café Members who own Signing Services [SSs], but who present themselves as individuals. => Some of those will identify they’re making large fees to generate interest in them or a business they’re endeavoring to launch. OR, they’ll advocate to accept low fees to increase their portion of the Profit. [NOTE: This is not directed to any one individual or SS]

A good question to ask oneself is: What does this individual stand to gain as a result of their input? Is it in your best interest that they’re offering the info? Or, is it something else?

If one allows another to spoon-feed them, one can never be certain of the quality of the nutrition on the spoon. Instead, teach yourself how to fish . . .


cNsa5- BRAVO !!! WELL STATED !!!

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Hi Cari,
I will need your help very soon .
Thank you.

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I completed a signing with them and was paid on time. They were easy to communicate with and have good pay in my experience

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I am done several signings for them, always pay on time.

Yes one time. And it will remain one time for all time. I have shared my experience with this company previously. they did pay for my assignment on the 60th day (unacceptable) after I shared with them that 60 days does not necessarily mean two months. But earlier this week there was another chapter added to the story.
They sent me ANOTHER check for the signing via Echecks. Same signing, I know the signers, same order number, blah blah blah. I wrote the owner back and indicated this pretty much proves what an incompetent bunch of boobs you clown are. Of course I didn’t print the check; and I see today that it has been marked “printed”.

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FYI: Here is the thread referenced by @Mynotary19 =>



As of 11/9/2022 the address on their Google Business Profile page is:
1810 E Sahara Ave STE 212 # 1630
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

I completed a refi for them on July 22, 2022 and have yet to receive payment and it’s November 9th. I’ve emailed, called, sent invoices, and even reached out to the escrow agent who hired them. I’ve also informed Signing Order of the non-payment. I left a bad review on their new Google business page (with the above referenced Las Vegas address). You would think for the hassle I’m giving them that they would just pay me to get me out of their hair. I wonder if they enjoy this?

I haven’t been paid from a signing on 9/1/2022. I was just going to their website which is nonexistent now, and I saw this thread on google. I’ve emailed and called them with zero replies. I got an alert for another signing and replied that I hadn’t been paid for previous one. They are making a lot of money without paying. This is wrong on so many levels.

I have had great luck with the method that I learned on this forum: Send a polite, professional email advising them that the invoice is past due and that I am awaiting payment. Send along another copy of the invoice if you like. If that does not bring forth a payment, my next step is another email that let’s them know that my next step will be to contact the title company to advise them that I have not been paid for the work completed. I haven’t yet had to actually contact the TC - just the threat was enough. But be sure that I would have done so! Once I get paid, I decline any future requests from them and make a note as to why. I notice that NotaryDash takes in the information and says they will address these types of issues, though who’s to say that they actually do! Good Luck!

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@kimcarternotary Sorry to read that you haven’t been paid as of yet . . .

Here is an EXCELLENT Step-by-Step Guide that @rparker posted previously that you may find HELPFUL:


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Hi Kim,

They FINALLY paid me late yesterday, after 110 days! I’m so sorry you’re in the same situation. They are unscrupulous for sure. I invoiced them on several occasions, called, and emailed. That didn’t seem to phase them.
When I reached out to the escrow agent in October it brought a response, but not a payment. Yesterday I waited a few hours after leaving the Google review. (I wanted them to see the notification from Google.) I then emailed once again, and cc’d the escrow agent. I informed them that it had been 110 days since the signing. I also attached (yet another) invoice and requested immediate payment. He responded by saying he re-issued payment via deluxe e-check. Which is laughable since he’d never sent a payment previously. (I double checked.) But, at least the payment was finally there. I printed it and made a mobile deposit immediately.

I hope you get paid soon.