I’m a new signing agent and I joined I have bid on 5 signings however, I haven’t been assigned to any. The starting bid rate is $40.00 for a Modification (that’s low). My bid is $100.00. Am I over bidding?

yup. Try $60-$70. They won’t let me post without 20 characters


Thanks. I see what you mean about the 20 characters.

I wouldn’t take the cap off my pen for $40. You can’t make money on that fee. And you can’t build a good reputation when you look like you’re a “bottom-feeder”. You hang in there, kid and the better jobs will come. Try bidding at a fair starting rate of $75.


At least $100/local. Just sayin’… FWIW~~


What company pays you $100 for loan mod. :memo::memo:?

@kimberly.baker6 good luck with them. They told me they paid anywhere from $40-$70(I know mr.cooper is paying them a lot) But I no longer work with them.

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@Dominique_S who is Mr. Cooper?

I got one that pays me between $100-$125… back when I told them that was my base rate they accepted, but word is out and they don’t want to pay that to new agents.


lucky you, I can’t wait till I find a title company that pays me $100 for a loan mod🙏🏾.

But I know for sure express notary is not paying that price tho.

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the lender. I need 20 characters to post.

I have never accepted a loan mod because they come through as a $40 offer and things like that just make me giggle and hit the delete key. That being said, what does this entail, is it just an application?

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i get 60-150 for loan mods
i get them from FASS,first american signature services
they take 20-30 minutes or less depending…forget the $30-40 loan mods
sign up with the bigger companies see the list
my business has dropped off
and some jobs are too far to bother so I don’t
we have lots of notaries out here , only a few know what to do
good luck


Mr Cooper is a Lender, the refi I have done.

They’re not hard at all. A few signatures a couple of notarizations and you’re done. Why do tou not counteroffer?

Oh I did. I send back $125 and we both know I’ll never hear back lol.

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Nation Star Mortgage A.K.A Mr.Cooper
They were NationStar now doing business as Mr.Cooper

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So when you refer to “the list”, is there a updated one available through this site?

List of signing companys i posted or find it on 123 notary.Com
I havent taken their test but i do read their forums… and thr have lots of info
Good luck

It’s the D.B.A. for Nation Star Mortgage.

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I agree, I live in Longwood Florida. I am not your financial advisor BUT I wouldn’t do it for 40.00 or even $50 even though you are just starting out or may be struggling at first. It’s not worth it because It drives the price down which affect the entire signing market same as trading in the stock market. I do believe in being fair by charging based on your experience. They are usually 4 stamps minimum. I personally do them between $75-125 depending on location and time or timeframe if later or last minute. Most have been through EXP Notary, Mr Cooper & US Bank.

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