Filming an actual closing and showing it on YouTube

Is this okay to do? Wouldn’t it require permission from the lender and title company? Real Refinance Signing w/ a Real Signer 2021 | For New Notary Loan Signing Agents - YouTube

No kidding!! I can’t watch the video (satellite internet & usage limits) but OMG - I’d get disclaimers from lender, title AND borrowers. That is providing I’d even consider doing this, which I wouldn’t.


BIG red flag on that one. I only played it for about a minute but you can see the documents being signed. This could potentially expose the signer’s personal and financial information.

The following is a better example because it is set up with fake information for purposes of a demonstration of the process.

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But can we get into the error!

Having her sign a Affidavit and not giving an oath!

Telling ole girl that by law she can’t go over the deed.

Telling the borrower she doesn’t know what the document is. LOL

I was reluctant to comment on this, but this young lady is doing herself harm by showing the whole world on You Tube that she doesn’t know how to properly notarize a document.

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I agree. FUBAR. When I first started doing this business was told others could not shadow us at signings due to privacy concerns. Now they are putting this type of thing on social media and no one is enforcing privacy. Craziness !!