Food for thought

Good morning all

Im new to the forum.but id like to add some food for thought. I was a NSA in earky 2000 before the housing issue of 2008. I gave it up due to restrictions at my full time job.

In those days we never had issue with short notice on signings. We always had at least two days and we never sold our services as cheaply as i see some doing now. Time is a valuable commidity. Weve all invested substantial time and effort getting to this point in our life. It is perhaps the only element we can trully control.

Im getting requests from lenders asking me to travel two to three hours for a signing do a signing with faxbacks for $50.00 and giving me hardly any notice at all. So ive decided im not gonna do it. If they want to pay me the worth of my time and experience then im happy to oblige. Otherwise no

One lender offered me $85.00 to do a signing in my home town but i was travelling and could not do the job. They kept insisting and finally offered me $200.00 to do the job. But as i said i was traveling

For any lender to delay finding a notary until the very last day is simply bad business. To top that wanting to haggle on pricing trying to get premium service at bargain basement prices just demonstrates how unprofessional they really are.

So the bottom line for me is that when i get an underpriced request for service on short notice im just gonna say NO. That might not work for you. But for me at this point in my life i’d rather sit on the couch and pet the dog than sell myself too cheap

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I totally agree. So many factors are contributing to the disgusting state this business is in now. The platforms being the worst factor with the games they insist on playing. And, of course, the newbs who don’t realize they’re being suckered.


Crazy world!! All of sudden my business is picking up with multistate property sales and purchases. Many of the signers who make a living from these type of sales and purchases. Nice that they have money to invest and they keep me busy. Agencies, Title companies are using multi-state platforms but primarily out of AZ and PA. What tangled webs they weave.

I think the refinance market will get even slower but on the other side i anticipate that reverse mortgages will increase especially in the rural communities. I dont think kids want mom and dads houses any longer. They would rather have the cash from the sale of the property. On top of that the baby boomers are now in golden years and could use that extra income for vacation or to pay off student loans for their kids. Keep the house and get cash…what a deal