To signing Services

What are you looking for in LSA or notary signing agent?

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Provide worry free, error free, excellent service with the cheapest price or work for free. :thinking:

Yea I was thinking that too but I didn’t know how to say it without sounding mean.

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I couldn’t resist.:kissing::wink:

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Business is business. I don’t blame companies keeping as much as they can in their pockets.
I would do the same if I have to run my own business with employees and other expenses.

Today, a sweet lady from a good signing service contacted me about a refi closing for next week only 16 mins exactly from my house. I got the Lender’s name! :wink: Anyway, I’m not available for the requested time but I offered to do it at a different time and I quoted her my fee at $175. She said, “sorry I would need to get a fee approval” and I asked about the payment schedule. She said 30 days and invoice. Once she said I have to send invoice and 30 days I stopped pushing to seal the deal because I really don’t have the time to send invoices. Another lucky notary got the business I’m sure probably $5-$10 less than my fee, but I got the lender’s name. I am going to call them directly to get all the businesses from them:) hehehhe

If this request came from a title company I would not have a problem negotiating the fee!

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