General Notary Work - Montco/Bucks Philly suburbs

For the notaries that are located in the Philadelphia suburbs of Pennsylvania (Montgomery/Bucks County) What has the market been like as of late? I hear the signing agent market has been slow especially when it comes to refinance, but what about general notary work? I’m a commissioned notary public and loan signing agent in the area who’s looking to do this as a part-time side hustle to supplement my income on top of what I make from my full-time job. Any inquiries about this or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am in the York County area of Pennsylvania. GNW seems to come in waves for me. A lot of my calls are for PennDOT work (titles in particular) but I do not do them. In the past 4 days, I have had 4 calls and only two appointments as the other two were for title work. I have a google page (no ad boosts) a facebook page (but am not real active) and a website. I do have a commercial customer that I see a few times a month less than a half mile from my location. If you can afford to use the ads features from google and facebook you could potentially generate more GNW.

Ok Dawn thanks for the feedback. Do you offer RON (Remote Online Notarization) by any chance? I’m thinking that may be the way to go given the rising costs of energy or the past year or so. When you say an ad boost, are you talking Google or Facebook?

Not to mention if you have a yelp page the run specials that will give you 300 ad credit when you sign up

I do not offer RON yet. I missed the boat so to speak with my loan signing clients. I have my approval and digital certificates and stamp, but life got crazy at the beginning of the year and still hasn’t settled down as much as I had hoped. I plan on offering it to my GNW to see if I get any interest. I struggle with the platforms costs since GNW is hit or miss and there are things that I can’t notarize in my state via RON.

The ad boosts are for google, facebook, yelp and nextdoor. Thumbtack is another resource, but personally 14 years ago I never got a job and from what I have read, it is more expensive now (like everything else).

You picked a bad time to do refis. GNW is hit or miss; you will never make any serious money doing it. I have been on Google, Facebook, etc, for years and I still don’t know why I waste the money. I am in Philadelphia. Sorry. Good luck.