How much general notary work do you do?

I know a lot of people here are doing loan documents and packages, but on top of that how much general notary work do you do along with it? I just started taking my notary certifications seriously and want to transition into a mobile notary, and curious do you do a lot of smaller jobs to “fill the day” or make up for any down time when loan packages aren’t being offered.

The answer is area/state law related… While I do GNW, the demand here is very low so it hardly ‘fills the day’,20 a year.
Most GNW seekers don’t want to pay the travel fee.


Location, Location. Location!

That is the key, where are you located?I am in Worcester, Mass… within 50 mile radius (and 60 minute drive time) of my office there are over 5 million people. Therefore, someone always need something done! GNW is low hanging fruit. Marketing direct to local Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities has paid dividends of the past couple years. 8 or so a month averaging $500-$700. Traveling less then 15 miles mostly.

I can count on one hand the number of paid general notary work signings I’ve done since I became a notary in 2007. I occasionally do a few unpaid general notarizations for friends and business associates, but that’s it.
No one wants to pay my minimum fee of $100 for me to notarize one or two documents! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I’m in NYC and my plan is to contact hospitals and facilities directly myself. Thanks for the info

If I depended on general notary work for my income I’d starve. I advertise where I can like Craigslist and have done a lot of marketing and visits to organizations likely to need notary services but I’d say I average maybe one a week. 99% of my work and income comes from loan signings.

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