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Has anyone ever heard of a law firm that helps with foreclosures?Gibbs & Mason out of California?


I did a Power of Attorney signing for them in August. Just received my payment (10/28). Numerous calls and invoices. I started sending invoices every 2 days. Per instructions, I had to upload the signed docs. They said that I would receive a UPS label via email. Never received. Never responded to my questions about the label. I wouldn’t deal with them again.


They act like they are a huge firm but emails are signed “Team” - no names. The check was handwritten on a small format check. Can’t conceive of a large firm not having computer generated checks or use some of the electronic check services.

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Stay away from Law firms. Who are you going to sue to get paid…the lawyers.


You can always threaten to turn a lawyer in to the local bar assoc. That usually motivates them to pay you quickly. Most bar assoc. & member names are online.


agreed. I do not work with lawyers

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Exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday, I did my job, emailed the executed documents and now no one answers my phone calls or my emails. And I never received the UPS label

I completed a signing for them 12/21/2023 and had a wonderful experience. They were great to work with, easy to get a hold of when the signer had a question during our appointment, and paid well for services. I would happily work for them again.

Yes, I do business with them all the time. They are legit

I’ve had good results working with a few large personal injury law firms. The key is to only deal with the big kids.

I was contacted by Gibson & Mason in January and I wish that I was aware of this post prior to working with them. I haven’t received a response back from them since the day I was instructed to scan back the docs. I haven’t been sent a UPS label as advised. I’ve sent my invoice more than once, left voicemails, and sent emails to let them know that I was still in possession of docs.

I’ve read other comments to say they were paid and some were not. I hope that I receive funds soon. My job was completed on time and I’d rather not have someone’s documents. I’ve contacted my SOS and they instructed me to keep the docs in a locked cabinet until the UPS label is sent to me.

I was contacted by Chris from Gibbs & Mason, LPG on January 24, 2024. I received an email with instructions. After the signing, I scanned the documents and never heard from them again. They do not answer the phone at all, my emails are being ignored. Their office is in Glendale, CA. Please beware of Gibbs & Mason, LPG.


UPDATE: I was paid on 2/23 from a 1/30 appointment! I scanned the documents back to “Team” and was told by Jennifer that I’d be sent the shipping label and payment on 1/31. For future, reference, it is good to know that they pay, but are approximately net 30+ based on the other posts. Knowing this, I will work with them again, but open communication would have been nice since I left several voice mails and sent emails.

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Stay away from Law firms

I disagree…nothing wrong with working for good law firms…of course, I’m a bit biased being I was a paralegal/legal assistant for over 30 years. There are very reputable law firms out there. It’s like signing services - there’s good and bad in all groups.

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Agree…most are good. And even if they aren’t, threatening to report them to their LOCAL bar ass’n (always can find that and the members names online) always results in payment. At least, so far. Most also OFFER very good pay, but, if they don’t–that’s a red flag from the get-go.


I’m currently going through the exact same thing. After the scanback they will not return my call. No return label or anything. I called from another number and they answered. They said that they would send payment as well as the return label, but still nothing. I went above and beyond for their client. Im extremely disappointed.

No payment! Fraud? signing agency from looks of it. Making money on backs of our “free” labor.

It’s been 3 weeks since i did work with no response or payment since. No label sent. Same as others i still have documents and unpaid.

I was promised payment by PayPal upon completion. I’m thinking next time i may hold scans prior to payment but im unsure if I can do this? I hate punishing orhers for a few bad apples but my time and expense is too valuable for scams. What do you folks think? Can you hold back a scan for payment?

Also, reading this thread it looks like everyone has dealt with a different person at I dealt with Ray.

Their website is a business card website only w an automated answering service. And since day of signing no one answering calls. But they did answer day of signing.

Gibbs & Mason is not a law firm. Here’s the Legal Disclaimer from their website and take note of the typos:


The Gibbs & Mason LPG webiste is provided as a service to clients, colleagues, and others for general information only. We are not attorneys. Any and all legal representation is provided by licensed attorneys. This information is not designed to provide legal or other advice or create a lawyer-client relationship. You should not take, or refrain from taking action based on its content. Prior results and case studies do not guarantee a similar outcome in future representation. Gibbs & Mason, LPG and its practices accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from accessing or reliance on content on the website and disclaim, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any and all liability with respects to its acts or omissions made by clients or readers on the basis of content on the website. Rankings and other materials from legal directories and other sources may refer to current legal practices or their predecessors. IMages of people may feature current or former personnel or modesl not connected withe Gibbs & Mason, LPG.


Contact the attorney referenced in the paperwork which should be John Bohren. Not getting paid and no communication just didn’t sit well with me. So, I did some research, that’s when I found his contact info and decided to call and email. When I called I think he heard the frustration in my voice. I told him our industry stands on integrity and trust and they took advantage of that. He asked that I send him the invoice. After that I followed up daily. They sent a Zelle payment a few days later. I’m sure the attorney, John doesn’t want any drama. BTW they never sent the shipping label, so I shredded the docs. Here is the contact. John Yanni Bohren 619-433-2803 … I hope this helps!

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