Has anyone done work for My Reliable Mobile Notary?

I had a phone call last week from a man and he gave me a lead to a notary job. He said that his company hires notaries in certain areas for $4.95 per lead. He explained that there is no contract to sign, and I decide how much money to put into my account to begin paying for leads. Then his company funnels leads in my area directly to my phone, I pay $4.95 per phone lead and $2.95 per email lead. He gave me that first lead for no charge. I called it and it didn’t pan out. Then he gave me another lead that didn’t pan out. He explained his company’s technique in an email. He has since given me two additional leads which did pan out. I set my price and was happy with the result. I was thinking of trying this because things have been so slow. I expressed my concern about the number of leads that I would get in any given week. I asked if I control when to add money to my account for leads or not. Can anyone shed light on this type of service?

Run like heck from this kind of offer. The guy can’t make any money on cold-calling for $3-$5 per hit. When the deals don’t pan out, don’t you wonder why??? They are baiting the hook. I’ll bet if you followed one of those leads through from before you get it until after you send it, you’ll find you were in a loop! All phony stuff. I’d pass on that if I were you. That’s my advice anyway.