Has Anyone Performed and eSigning?

I attended a webinar sponsored by Expert Notary Signers(ENS) recently, although it was free and includes a certification for eSignings, I’m not even sure how many states allow them. Especially Michigan, where I am.

My impression is that so far, during most esignings only the non-notarized documents are esigned. The notarized documents are still printed and signed with pen and ink. If that’s what’s going on in your area, it doesn’t matter if your state alloows enotarization or not.

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Michigan does allow esignings, however to find the right venue so you have good internet can make the process really slow. I have not done any, but my mentor has and has opted out.

Please keep in mind everyone that eSignings and eNotarizations are two different things. At this point eSignings are still a hybrid of electronic signatures and wet signatures. Personally, I think it’s a pain to do one. Make it all electronic or all wet. When I do one, I ask the borrower for their wi-fi password so that I can connect to their network. I always let them know ahead of time what they are in for regarding the electronic portion of the closing.

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I participated in a webinar from Equity National about using the Pavaso platform for hybrid signings of the type described by jlenotary. They didn’t want the notary to use the signer’s wifi. That view has some merit; if the signer happens to be hit with malware shortly after the notary visits, the signer might blame the notary for it.


Iphones and most androids have the ability I believe to give you a hotspot and you can wifi into your phone given you are not out in the boonies. For the rural ones you will have no choice but to use the borrowers, if there is no cell service. Sounds like another release of liability form coming up

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