Haven't Received my first signing

I’m just thankful I have enough cash reserves to ride out this slow period…yes I am nervous as for the first time in 3 months I have nothing on the books for next weeks. It MUST be slow as even my regulars are crickets… :frowning_face:


Same here. I’m usually scheduled 2 weeks in advance. I’ve seen an uptick in cancelled closing and last minute requests. Most of the last minute closings often turn out to be complex at best, disasters at worst. All but one this week cancelled. Fortunate to have picked up a few tax clients this year.

I just got an order request from snapdocs for $35 to go over 75 miles for a miscellaneous document. I can only guess that the last notary does not want to go back for that one document. I called them and let them know that I can do it for $125 ( I know I won’t get it) but I also let them know that the location is in the middle of the desert and that it would be hard to get a notary to go out there for that. (I left a voice message) I let them know if they are willing to negotiate i am willing to accept but NOT at $35… that would not even cover my gas with these prices…


Woohoo!! Get it girl! :tada::blush::tada::blush:

what’s the trust level?

great work, Keep going

@wilhooper1 following posted by Mike about 11 days ago - you can scroll up but here it is:

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Hi @vking4847 - I am sorry for any confusion. The “trust level” message you received is an auto-generated forum message that is sent out when you reach certain milestones for reading posts here. It just means that you have been granted a few more posting capabilities as a returning user. It is not related to your notary business.

As for your signing opportunities, I recommend reaching out to as many signing services as you can and let them know you are eager to work with them. These forums are full of posts that give an idea of which companies others have had postive experiences with. We here at Notay Cafe do not actually assign you to specific jobs, our focus is on the website and maintaing the notary database.

I hope this helps clears up any misunderstandings. Hopefully now that spring is here, we will se a return to the typically pickup in signings everywhere!


Mike @ Notary Cafe"

thank you yes it dose

Signing Order and Signature Closers have been good to me since the start of my business in 2021.

I have received 2 from another signing service but missed them both. But none from here or anyone else. I’m new and feeling ready to go.

That’s good to hear. Signing order sent me my first two. One was far away and the other was close. Can’t wait to hear from them again.

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Signing Order is one of my best signing companies.

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Congrats! GO YOU! :smiley: I am glad you received a signing!!

I just started got all my equipment and all how do I go about getting my first signings?

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This forum has directed new agents like yourself on different ways to start and grow your business. At the top right-hand side of the screen, you can use the magnifying glass to explore this question.

I haven’t received anymore from them since I missed two of them. Do they hold that against us?

Yeah! How long did you wait? I’ve been waiting since I signed up in January 2022.

No disrespect intended… but what are you doing daily to get the results you are looking for?

Everything! Such as, I am signing in to all platforms, continuing to update my google page, marketing, in and outside the home…answering all calls, and waiting to hear from someone. Watching educational videos about the business and others experiences good and bad. Reviewing and taking more classes, etc. And probably everything else not mentioned.

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Signing up with various companies daily? When I first started out (granted 16 years ago) I made it a point to directly contact at least 5 companies per day and get on their list. Search here for good companies and when you find names, start making phone calls to vendor management, office manager, etc etc. Also, hot-foot it out to local banks, title companies, attorney offices, nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, schools, home health agencies, etc etc

Your first few months (up to a 6 months possibly) are going to be spent marketing marketing marketing…and then rinse and repeat.

Good Luck