Haven't Received my first signing

Started my business in Feb '22, still waiting on an assignment. I’ve signed up with several services, is it normal to take this long? The good thing is, I just received a message from Mike saying "I moved up to the Trust level. Hope I get a signing soon.

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Trust level where???

Started a business or started a hobby?


@mannie1950 be nice…


Starting a business takes a lot of planning, investing in equipment and a big deal in expectations and goals to be fulfilled, starting a hobby is more easier without the fear of loses because if we have monetary gains we are not planning to make a living of them, I just asked a nice question, we are the ones who decide what is the real motivation…

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Then IMO that’s asking for a judgment, and we’re not here to judge.

What makes you think she DOESN’T have all the necessary equipment and plans in place.?? Nothing in her post indicated that - don’t jump to conclusions…and don’t judge.



(CA) My business kicked off a little over a year ago and, at the outset, I was overwhelmed with order notifications, most of which I did not get because I was too slow to respond and my competition was everywhere. I knew nuthin’. But I was in the middle of the best time for notaries what with all the refi’s at 2% being done.

Today, the cupboard is bare. The refi boom is largely over and economic conditions in the U.S. are lousy and getting worse. I’m sorry to have to say so. Don’t wait around, get out and hustle for business. Investigate this website and see all the great ideas and business development recommendations offered by your colleagues.

The signing services are sucking air right now and I’m hearing that lenders are beginning to lay off staff (I was in the banking industry for 40 years). Don’t just wait for a call or an email order. Get busy :wink:


You may be right! I talked to someone at a title co today, she said business is slow! And she sounded nervous. I don’t know what is happening but I’m going to try my best until there’s nothing left for me to do!


Just curious, who’s Mike and what’s a trust level? I’m guessing you’re not in California, where the state heavily regulates who can become a notary. An NNA background check and proof of $100,000 in E&O insurance coverage are bonafides that greatly improve your trust level. Then there’s training, reliable transportation, solid back office capabilities, and good marketing skills. If you got that going on then you’ll be busy in no time.

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Plus perseverance and proactive attitude.

Plus a second income,(husband) or life savings to live on while your waiting for the phone to ring.


So true!!! :blush: Thank goodness I married a goat roper from Wyoming!


Hi @vking4847 - I am sorry for any confusion. The “trust level” message you received is an auto-generated forum message that is sent out when you reach certain milestones for reading posts here. It just means that you have been granted a few more posting capabilities as a returning user. It is not related to your notary business.

As for your signing opportunities, I recommend reaching out to as many signing services as you can and let them know you are eager to work with them. These forums are full of posts that give an idea of which companies others have had postive experiences with. We here at Notay Cafe do not actually assign you to specific jobs, our focus is on the website and maintaing the notary database.

I hope this helps clears up any misunderstandings. Hopefully now that spring is here, we will se a return to the typically pickup in signings everywhere!


Mike @ Notary Cafe


Do not sleep on GNW some Pre-Nups, Simplified
divorces can be about 50-70 pages depending on the client’s financial disclosures, affidavits and tax returns etc…These docs can prep you well for LSA work as they require the same amount of concentration to your client’s information…for example, I just did a 3 packet prenup just now in my office at 10 pm and was happily paid over $150.00 plus tip!

And most prenups require a witness.

These fees can add up to over $100.00; I follow the [LindaH-FL] strategy when it comes to GNW and I’m happy to report consistent work, very good clientele, and I’m not biting my nails waiting for LSA work.

Pick up your phone, be forward with pricing, communicate well and be on time with appointments. You have the potential to be paid well and you can receive some amazing tips. I have a square terminal that presents a tips option; 98% of the time I’m tipped.

Good luck!


Thanks for sharing! Congratulations! :+1::raised_hands::clap:You’re killing it!

Hello all,
After all my HARD work I finally received my first Direct Signing from a Title Co. :blush: :innocent:


Congratulations! I am very happy for you. Good job! :clap::clap::clap::clap::+1::+1::+1::+1:

In case you haven’t already, you might try SnapDocs, Signature Closers, and certification through the NNA which will put you on the SigningAgent.com website…


Yes, and also you need to have a required 2 years experience for a lot of lenders

I’ve heard the same thing from two of my lenders, two title companies, and several Signing Services. Thing are slowing down. Several signings cancelled by either Title or Lender. I’m seeing an uptick in foreclosures across the state as folks are coming out of forbearance. I’m not seeing many foreclosures in my area. I’m glad I launched my second business last year.

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