HEALTHY Notary Life

I knew a sweet sweet notary who’s life ended suddenly, due to a heart attack…totally unexpected. I learned afterwards that he had a wife and two lovely daughters.

He was in a notary group on FB and always answered desperate questions whenever anyone asked them. He was ALWAYS helpful to me, even though he was in another state. He was a true giving soul.

I.was.surprised how I reacted to his death. He was young, maybe late 30,s or early 40’s.
It stopped me in my emotional tracks. I realized there’s so.much hype out here. Yes…good for you if you make a lot of money doing this lucrative side hustle or full time hustle.
But don’t forget to eat right, exercise,and spiritually refuel.
This notary life is freeing ftom the 9-5 retail or desk job,so, don’t make it another excuse to be a workaholic. Enjoy life. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends and church family, if you have one. This notary life–It’s not worth dying for.:flushed::blush:
Healthy lifestyle suggestions welcome.


Thank you for sharing and I am sad to hear about this Notary’s death:(. This is a reminder to work smart not hard. Don’t drive too far or to dangerous closing locations. Don’t drive in bad weather conditions. Don’t take rush orders they are very stressful. Don’t take low fee signings, those are not worth your time and health. Focus more on self care and love ones. Take it easy. Life is too precious.
This is why I am focusing more on RON and in-house closing this year. I’m done with risking my own life and destroying my car driving all over for pennies.


@VIPnotaryCO Yes, on all counts. Concur completely & totally with your advice & insights. :sparkles:

Hello Everyone,
I would like to give my thoughts on this matter.
Life Is Short. Be Thankful For Every Day You Wake Up & Are In This World.
I know from personal experience & I will try & keep it short.
I have been a signing agent since 2003 & also a licensed Realtor.
I’m located in Corona, Ca.
I remember the date well. March 12th, 2019. 4 days after my 57th birthday.
1 week prior I had the regular flu going around that year.
Dr. gave me ZPAK meds to take for a week. 1 week later still was not feeling so hot.
I went to Walmart in South Corona to go get some Sudifed to make me feel better.
On my way out & walking back to my truck I started seeing in my vision dots. Lots of them & also broke out in a cold sweat.
The last thing I remember is me going down in the parking lot.
I had a full on heart attack.
From what I was told paramedics had to paddle ( Zap ) me twice to bring me back around.
I had died because of the heart attack I had.
By the grace of God here is what saved me.
In our parking Walmart parking lot there is a McDonalds. 2 ambulance drivers were backed in to parking spaces eating breakfast outside their units. Ambulance drivers see me go down & that ended their breakfast break. They saved my life & I’m ever so greatful to them.
The hospital is only about 1/4 mile away so it is close to where they took me.
Cause of heart attack is & I will always have is AFIB / Heart Failure.
I go to the Dr. when ever I need to & it was undetected.
At that time I weighed 300lbs, I was Diabetic, I had high blood presuure.
Today, 01/22/2022 I weigh 210 lbs, I am no longer diabetic & my blood pressure is under control with meds as well as meds for my AFIB.
Every morning I wake up I’m very thankful to be here another day. I try & do the best to my ability the best job I can do for my customers.
I also try & make someone elses a day a little better by doing whatever I can to make their day a little better for them as well.
My fellow notaries & signing agents.
Please take care of yourselves & enjoy your life to the upmost!!
Thank You for letting me share & sorry for the post not being short!!


Hello Greg, Thank you for sharing your personal story. It was a miracle that the ambulance people were near and saved you. Amen. I thank you for the reminder to take care of my health. Life is short and precious, we must take time to assess, care and protect our mental and physical health.