Help please should i notarize this doc

Hi, I received a closing packet but some of the places that require me to notarize is missing state of county of. Can I still notarize this document? Can I write it in? How should I proceed

In every state I’m aware of, you must add the location where the notarization occurred. You should make sure you understand how to write the location in your state. Most states require the state and county, but in a few places, certain cities are treated as counties.

Also, you must find out if your state requires the certificate to have certain wording, or if the wording in the pictures is OK in your state.

I agree with Ashton. State & County should be added. I do see them missing a lot (don’t know why they do that), but I always add 'em because venue is required in my state (& most, if not all, others).

Thanks I appreciate the feedback

Thanks I will add the attachment

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I would add a Certificate and write on that document See Certificate.

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