How long before you got signings

I am new at being a signing agent and signed up with snap docs and Xome. How long before you started received signings? Are there better agencies to sign up with in the beginning? Thanks for the insight!

I just completed my NNA certification exam and background check. Once I passed both parts, I uploaded a copy of my background check to Snapdocs. Once Snapdocs verified that final document (24-48 hrs later), I had a signing offer by the end of the day. I’ve had 4 more offers from them this week, but have been unable to accept because of the timing. Hope this information helps!

I did my first 2 signings 21 days after I became certified. I had offers as soon as I became certified but they were all low-ball from companies with reputations for not paying their notaries.

Took about two months after I was certified to get some real offers. Two in a row on the same night both for over $125.00 since they were emergency signings. Good luck!

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