How to Market to Real Estate Agencies?

I’ve been hearing different things. Some say market to Title Companies in the area and some say knowing Real Estate agents is helpful because they can request specific signing agents. Is anyone familiar with how this actually works? Maybe someone who’s worked as a real estate agent before? My friend knows some brokers and wants to introduce me, but I’m not sure of how to approach the meeting. Should I be asking them to ask for me on their next closing? Or should I be asking them to give my information to title companies? Please help!

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I have only a handful of title companies near me in my small city (30K population). I am in NY and in a rural area. There is a tight community of RE sales people/brokers here but I have not yet started. I literally searched the forums for “Real estate agents” just to find your comment :slight_smile: Any success yet?

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I’ve learned how to market to title companies, but I’m still learning how to market to real estate agents. When I’ve approached them, they seem kind of confused and since I’m not a real estate agent I’m not sure what to tell them lol. I think they just pass off closing to title companies and wipe their hands of it.

First, tell the agents WHAT you will do for them …On Time…will go extra for them…Stay overtime…if neded… Questions at TABLE…refer to them…Even if YOU know the answer.
Make them feel IMPORTANT. Because they ARE. YEP !