Need advice

I am a new title agent in Indianapolis Indiana.I am registered through snap docs and have only received a few requests which I wasn’t fast enough to be awarded.

Can you tell me where I should go or how I should market myself within the area outside of snap docs? I have been a notary for 25 years however, I’d like to start notary closings and switch my career to real estate.

I have a couple weeks left and I will be able to take my state boards as a realtor.

I usually market direct in my core but at the maximum in the orbital core but if I have assignments that take me to the external space then I’ll market direct with them but you can also try to sign up for signing services online and pay for SEO and marketing to help you in not only NSA but other business ventures you may have or streams of income it’s just about balancing your times and how you can schedule things outside of the primary hours.