How to survive while business is slow

(AZ) Its no big secret that many of us are experiencing slow LSA business but what i am about to share may help some if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

I have been able to keep busy during these times by doing GNW and INSPECTIONS… Let me elaborate.

As an example of my day tomorrow

11am - Vehicle inspection ( 15min)
12 pm - Vehicle inspection (15 min)
12:30 pm- Vehicle inspection ( 15min)
1:00pm- Vehicle inspection (15 min)
2:00 pm - GNW ( 20 min)
3:00 pm -5:00 pm(window) Product recall -4 different locations with a 5 min drive from each store with average time in each store 15-20min
7:00 pm - LSA (1hr)

Going from point A to my final appointment and back home my total travel distance is 69 miles.

After all is said and done my income from today will be over $450.00 ( acctual dollar amount not disclosed for personal reasons) for approximately 3.5 hours of actual physical work and a 8 hour day… what other business will pay you that? When i first started this Notary business back in December my goal was simply to make $500 week and i would be happy as it is simply supplemental income. But what i have found even now as business is slow between all my sources i am averaging sometimes double that amount. Im not special or smarter than anyone but i am willing to do what i need to do for the reasons i am doing it.

So we all have the option of sitting back and waiting for the phone to ding or start looking for ways to survive and thrive while business is slow. The good thing about what we do is that we are in control of our daily schedules. So lets all be creative and find ways to get through this.

The two companies that i have been working with for Vehicle inspections are WeGoLook you can negotiate up to $125 for Vehicle Transport Jobs and up to $50 per damage and dealer inspections. They also do product recalls which i have been able to negotiate up to meet my needs. These are quick and easy and anyone can do it. (BTW they will negotiate prices if you pick up the phone and call)

Lemon Sqad : they start at $70 per inspections and go as high as $150 - average time to complete is an hour and you get to test drive some sweet cars

I have a website, a yelp page and a Google listing. My phone rings 4 to 5 times a day from my listings and i often refer the ones i dont want to my Notary referral partner i work with. Yelp is offering $300 credit towards your advertising also if you sign up for a paid listing.

As a Notary family lets all put our heads together and help each other. There is enough business for us to survive if you are willing to pull your heads out of the sand and look for it.


Great motivating and inspiring post! Thanks for sharing these nuggets!


Yes, you are!!!


Lol… my husband says that i am that person that has to be doing something every waking hour of the day. I cant be idle… I guess that does make me all kinds of special :rofl: :joy:

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How did do your website n yelp pages and so forth? So, that does help? Is it expensive?

When I first started out I designed and created my website with WordPress… and it was free for the basic site. WordPress Cost | WordPress Price | Compare Our Plans

Then I purchased my domain name and then purchased the site a few months later. Yelp is free unless you run ads. If you get a google listing I believe they offer a basic website also for around $13 dollars a year as an option to the WordPress site.

Thank you for posting. I was a little down but refocused now to look for other opportunities and market my GNW more! Sending positive vibes to everyone out there!!


(AZ) @lmoran Additionally if you are willing to do property inspections search Indeed for companies looking for that type of work. I was recently contacted by a company that was looking for someone in my area to work part time for an insurance company as an independent contractor with a guaranteed salary of $1,500 a month. They offered me a flex schedule ( I make my own) I would be given a book of business and a time frame to complete the jobs often within 30 days I’m told. (I have a finance and Insurance background so I guess they thought I would be a good fit) I posted my resume on Indeed back in January showing I was a Notary, LSA and Property Inspector and totally forgot it was out there… I need to remove it.

Have no accepted yet as I have been offered other opportunities that I am currently exploring


Also I recently discovered another flex job option. There are companies out there… so many in fact that as I was researching them I was overwhelmed with what I found. If you have any retail experience there are companies that hire merchandisers to go out a set up displays at their stores. These too are contract based positions that my friend does in between her notary appointments. She supplements her income with it and from what she shared she makes …her words “ easy $2-3k a month”. For me I’m so busy with my other sources I didn’t look into this option but it’s good to know it’s there.

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What do the vehicle inspections entail?

With WeGolook… all you do it take photos of the entire vehicle inside and out and submit everything through their app. You need a smart phone, tire tread gage, yard stick and 12 foot measurement tape.

If it’s a dealer inspection you do it right there on the dealer lot. 15-20 min average time for one vehicle and you often will get 3 to 4 vehicles to inspect in one day. However one day I got an order for 9… it was a long day.

If it’s a dealership transport- you inspect the vehicle take photos at the customers home and drive the vehicle back to the dealership The time on that can vary but it averages 44-1hr. You drive to the dealership and they pay to Uber you to the customers home.

If it’s an insurance inspection you drive ti the customer inspect the vehicle, photo, measure and document the damages. This takes max 10-15 min

With product recalls. You go into the stores and collect the recall products and destroy them at home. You document all this with photos.

For Lemon Squad… you need a OBD2 reader and a tire tread gage. same as WeGoLook dealership inspections but you get to take the cars on a 5 mile or more test drive. They give you a checklist of things that you need to check and you submit and write a report about what you found. This one I like as I get to drive some sweet rides. :joy:

The great thing is that you schedule according to your schedule.


Thank you again for more work ideas! I’m curious about the property inspections hopefully that type of work is offered here in California. I did sign up with Wegolook, but I do appreciate you sharing!

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As far as property inspections… yes they are well needed in CA not so much in my area. I know this cause I get requests to travel to CA often and I declined with only one exception on a property that was on the boarder of both states. Check out these company.


Check out all the links I posted above… I have given you all my referral sources. Some others would not have done so… but for me there is enough business for all of us if we are willing to put in the time and effort’s needed.



This is awesome information. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Do you need any types of certification or licensing to be an inspector in any of these sorts?

You really dont need any training or certification. You just follow the instructions they give you and that is all. Not to mention the tools.

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That’s pretty awesome! I’m going to dive in then and see what I can see. Lol. Thank you!!

My pleasure… good luck

This is all true and good source of income. Been working with WeGoLook since their inception. However, if you have certain fears on loan signings, like wanting to get paid with no liability or responsibility (which is unrealistic, but there are plenty out there) ,then you may want to evaluate the fact that you may have to drive someone else’s automobile for some transactions. If it’s your fault, then it’s your problem! Consider whether or not you are a good driver or not!

It’s not always about driving… for example this week alone I am doing product recalls. I don’t normally speak about income but to make my point I will make an exception… with my assignments I will be making almost 3 times more than I would have on LSA work in two days and not taking 2-3 daily assignments for 5 days straight. This week alone I am not accepting any LSA work other than the 4 I have already scheduled. I am fully booked till Friday( which will be my day off)

As far as the driving they pull an MVR Report on you before sending you out on the Vehicle Transport assignments.