I am frustrated with Snapdocs

I am not a new SA, but I am new to Snapdocs. I have been signed up since the end of Dec., I have $100K E&O, my ranking is high and has only received 2 requests with have both been already taken. Does anyone have any suggests?

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There could be many reasons why you aren’t getting assignments from Snapdocs (how many signings there are in your area, how many other signing agents are in your area, how busy it is - January tends to be a slower time of the year for business etc) There are several other threads here on Notary Cafe discussing it, take a look through them but honestly all you can do is respond quickly to any and all Snapdocs requests that you get, even if you can’t do it or even if you think someone else has already accepted it.
I get a lot of request through Snapdocs but most of them are lowball fees that I don’t want to do. But I always do my best to reply to every request as that helps to keep your ranking up.

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January is just a generally slow month. Just don’t get so frustrated that you’ll grab any ol’ thing that comes along.


Make sure you do respond even if it your intention to not accept a assignment. If you respond your ranking will go up.


I have to get them to be able to respond. I have two since the end of Dec. Where as, my friend said hers is blowing up. We live in the same town.

Hi, Sue! If your friend’s Snapchat profile is drawing her a lot of business, whereas yours is not, and you have comparable skills and experience levels, you might check your profile. Has a client rated your services poorly? Have you completed all the relevant information to the best of your ability? You might also view your friend’s profile and match it to your own. The difference could just be a single sentence or one box left unchecked. IME…


What I am frustrated about Snapdocs, I keep getting request for signings that are way out of my are, in fact they are in the area of another SA who is a friend of mine and she keeps getting signing request for locations in my area. We can’t get Snapdocs to correct it

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SD has a hidden number rating for ALL NSAs that use their site. It is one that is not shown to us, and its not the one that is shown in your profile.

This hidden number is the NSAs ranking based on performance, comments from hiring parties, signers, and whomever may be involved in the closing. I know this, because I was a member as a SS many years ago, and have witnessed the ratings and reviews on my own NSA profile.

I’ve advocated for a couple of years that SD allow the NSA to see this rating, and to also allow the NSA to refute, rebut or otherwise give a counter to any negative ratings. They also have the ability to post a thumbs up or down in addition to leaving a comment about the NSAs performance.

Most folks do not know this, but SD was created by a SS owner who apparently has NO respect for the NSA and uses us to garner more business, that’s it. The fact that the platform is “easy” to use and NSA friendly, doesn’t hide the fact that SD can almost ruin your chances of getting any or additional work if you have even the one slightest thumbs down aka negative review.

I believe that all NSAs should STOP using SD and demand that they’re “secret rating” and reviews be exposed to the NSA.


I am not very keen on Snapdocs either. I notice when I see a good loan and I response immediately I don’t get it. I have a high rating but somehow its assigned elsewhere. But on the lower I will get them. So I think something internal is going on. To much micromanaging also.

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Snapdocs is looking for the least expensive NSA they can get!!! I don’t believe they really care about credentials, because of they did, NSA’s who are well credentialed would get assignments. I have been registered on Snapdocs since May of last year and I do get a lot of requests from that platform, however, have not received one assignment.

EXCEPTION: I received a phone call immediately after saying I was available for a loan application signing that was 3 1/2 hours away from me when I accidentally quoted $100 for the signing. Now, the original signing offer was $65 so this tells me that Snapdocs is simply looking for the notary who will accept pennies for fees. I keep reading that same threads on several different platforms about Snapdocs and have been for over a year now. I am not impressed by any means and I am not interested in providing services to anyone who does not value my credentials or pay me what I am worth and neither should you or any other notary!!!

I would encourage you to move forward, focus on marketing your business and making contact with title companies and building relationships with other well established notaries in your area. I recently connected (met for breakfast in person) with another well established notary in my area and have received several assignments from partnering with him! It has been a blessing!!!


Unfortunately, having good E&O and a high ranking aren’t the only things that get you offers on Snapdocs. I didn’t start getting more offers until I did my first loan refinance. It is basically first come first served. It doesn’t mean you are or are not a certain caliber Signing Agent. Your status comes from the reviews from the signings you do and completed by the signer. It’s weird but you need to respond to the inquires before other signing agents. The more acceptances you are assigned get you a better rank which in turn gets more offers sent to you. Hope this helps. Happy signing!

About 95% of my bus is on SD. Some months I make $6,000 per month on SD alone. It works here in Florida. I recently moved 2 zip codes over and my request have increased


It has been very slow since about November. The last person who called for an assignment wants me to go $ 100. He argued with me that I wanted $ 125. Finally, I just said I don’t have to take the assignment and that was the end of that. I felt it was very rude and disrespectable toward a notary to argue the price. They seem to think you only put an hour into the assignment. They need to be educated that it takes at least 5 hours out of your day and you can’t get anything else done that makes money except that job. You can’t live on the pay of just being a notary. There aren’t enough assignments. They don’t realize the time involved and I think they just want all the money being charged out for closing should go to them and pay notary an amount that isn’t worth the time.


Thank you for the great advice. When you partner with someone, what is their cut on a signing?

I am aware of the fact that Title pays a significant price for notary, and I also understand the signing service is in this business to make money too, however, I am not willing to leave my house for less then $100. If there is travel involved, I add an additional $50 EACH WAY, there and back. I am aware that some signing companies negotiate a flat rate with Title, which is none of my business, but I am aware of the fact that Title pays and pays well, to get the job done.

I have only worked for 2 signing companies (1 has treated me very well and one I am pursuing collection efforts with) and I am not interested in working through many others. They throw signings out to us notaries for crumbs, while they capitalize on this part of the process in this industry and new notaries accept low fees because they aren’t aware of the process and the money involved and are simply not informed.

The secret here is to network with the actual “client” the Lender, who can tell Title what notary to use. This is a topic that nobody is talking about!!! We think that Fidelity Title and Chicago Title are the big fish, but they are not!!! It is the Lender that dictates how they want it and if they tell Title that they want you to do the signing, they will accommodate their client and do what they are being told to do. This is something that a corporate contact at Fidelity told me directly after she told me “everyone wants to work with Fidelity” and that “I needed to be sponsored or referred by a direct contact at Fidelity” to work directly with them.

I have focused my business model on building relationships with Lenders, not Title and certainly not signing services!!! This will ensure I, the notary doing all of the work, making all of them look good when I show up and do a fabulous job at the signing table with the client, will receive a rate comparable to my professional services and work as a notary. A topic I have been reading for years now, is how signing services are not paying notaries, paying significantly late, or paying pennies on the dollar for the work WE do!!! You have to ask yourself why does this continue to be a SIGNIFICANT topic of discussion across several social platforms from notaries all over the country.


No, I’m tired of responding to Snapdocs, they say I have a high rank but that they get other responses prior to mine. No way to work with them.


So did you start out taking the low offers? Do you still receive the low offers? If so do you take the low offers or how do you respond to the lower offers?

Is anyone else over Snapdocs? I am really unimpressed with this platform and am reluctant to sign back up with them next year. All low ball fees, receiving debt resolution requests one after another even after replying unavailable. Your rating decreases if you do not answer these alerts promptly, even if you are on the road. Many times I just go into snooze mode. I also do not like that you cannot see your internal “rating” from these companies. Wouldn’t it be nice to know some quality feedback to see how we can improve?

I have done so few worth while signings from Snapdocs that it takes me more time to babysit the alerts and the slow payers than it is worth to me. Is it just me who is having this experience? Is it worth it to even stay registered on this platform?


I have the same impression about SnapDocs. I like the user-friendly website but lately I get only low fee offers and yes, mostly from Sunshine with $50 for Debt Settlements. This amount and another for $20 from N3 are not only unacceptable, but insulting.

I understand where you are coming from dealing with low fees. With the debt settlements, since there are a lot of them going around, they add up. Sunshine signing connection actually pays you on time within 30 days or sometimes sooner than expected. On the other side of it, you are getting your business name out there for these folks because some of them are seniors and they could use a notary to travel to them. Increased my client base this way.