In-Person Electronis Signing , IPEN

Has anyone conducted an In-Person Electronic Signing, known as IPEN signing in CA or any other State? Thank you.

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I’ve done them in Idaho.

Great! Thank you for posting. Would you kindly answer few questions about your experience?

  1. Who gave you the assignment and which IPEN platform used i.e., EscrowTab? DocVerify? or what else?
  2. What device, Tablet, Laptop, Cell Phone did you use? Was there any specific requirement?
  3. How long on average did it take you to complete the signing? And was there any so called “hiccups” with the technology?
  4. Did you use NNA e-Seal or the e-Seal from IPEN provider?
  5. Did you use your Notary Journal book to record pertinent information and get Thumbprint or used eJournal with Thumbprint scanner? if so what brand?
  6. Are you at liberty do disclose the fee you received here or in private message?
  7. Some IPEN providers charge set up fee, some per e-seal fee, some require their own enabled tablet. Did you have any of that?
  8. Can you add anything else that I missed?
    9.Thank you so much for time and allowing me to ask these questions:)
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