Inability to contact Title Resource Group

In May I accepted an order from Title Resource Group to present refi documents. I printed the docs, arrived at the appointment on time, and presented the docs. After much discussion the borrowers decided not to sign. I spent almost an hour there before they came to that conclusion. I advised the Title company and they assured me I would get the full pay because I printed, arrived, and presented. I have not received payment and have had no luck contacting Title Resource Group. I have called numerous time and have been on hold as long as an hour before I give up. Does anyone know how to contact Title Resource Group? I have done over 1000 signings and this is the first time I have experienced not being paid for my services.

You got the order via e-mail? Reply to it with your payment issue…repeatedly, if necessary. At the very least, you’ll have a written record of what transpired. And, I’d bet you get paid.

I have done that numerous times to no avail. It’s like Title Resource has vanished from the face of the earth. Thanks for your advice tho’.