Instructed to NOT explain any document except CD

I was hired by a signing agency to do 3 signings (buyers docs) at the office of the sales co/builder. In the instructions it states that I am NOT allowed to explain any document except the CD "in order to keep the signing to and hour or less. I find this odd and unnerving. I then googled the sales/construction company and they are known for rushing ppl through the buying process. What are your thoughts on the morality and legal aspects of working for a company like this?


Honestly, the Closing Disclosure does ‘explain’ (it’s all there in black & white) an overview of the whole transaction on the first page. Everything else in a package is pretty much gov-mandated disclosures and clarification of ‘the small print’, which can pretty much be summed up as “Make the payments on time and all is well; if you don’t, these are the bad things that may happen to you”. Even with a lot of ‘doc description’, most can be done in an hour or less.


Honestly, that’s a Signing Agent’s dream. If the hiring company only wants you to explain the CD, then all other questions will be answered by the hiring company. Win/Win in my book!

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agreed we aren’t suppose to explain docs anyway i always just state one line about each one and sign and date here. etc. they can read it , i cannot stop them from doing that but I want them comfortable signing each doc so state one sentence

Technically shouldn’t even have to explain the CD since they’re supposed to get the final version 3 days in advance…

I present the docs - show doc, title, sign here (and date if needed). The only thing I went over in detail was the CD, Note, the Mortgage (used here in FL), the First Payment Letter and the NORTC. Told them all the rest of the package was supporting documentation along with title documents used to issue the title policy. The length of my signings was highly dependant upon the signers, not so much on me. But I was not a point and sign notary - I presented each document so the signers could never say they didn’t know what they were signing.