Intrusion of Another Notary

This situation happened about 3 times this year. Have you heard about this happening.

Borrower has two properties and is getting refinancing for both. I am the notary for the residential
property. I have a very early appointment which I get there 15 minutes before. At the same time another notary shows up with papers for the other property. The borrower is just as surprised as I am but okays the signing. Evidently, that person didn’t have an appointment. It seems like it was sent by the lender. She was like lightening. The borrower didn’t even have a chance to ask question. She was lickidysplit. It was a definite intrusion and very disturbing, but as long as the borrower said okay, what could I say. I just was taken aback. This happened 2 times before. They sort of take over the appointment. I couldn’t even catch my breath. Is this a usual tactic. Is this something that I should make the borrower aware that it may happen? What’s your advice? Grin and bear it. Tough Noogies. Can’t fight City Hall. I know what I wanted to do.
I know where they get the information (I’m sure - from the lender).

Grit your teeth, stay pleasant with the signer, but stay in your own lane. If any complaints are to be made, let the borrower do them



Which title co sent you?

Unless you see the other Notary deliberately breaking the law or being unprofessional then “stay in your lane”.

I had a similar deal. She about ran over me as I was walking in. I had one property, she had the other and the same signing company sent both of us for the same lender at the same time.
He told me she was the most impersonal, and pushy notary he had ever had, no questions, just sign here, sign here and so on. Guess I had to show her how a professional does it, so I did. I left and THEN, I got on the phone to the signing company and asked what the heck was going on, sending in two people, for the same lender at the same time (she got there early and raced through it!) “Oh, yeah, should have given them both to you since you answered first.” Fortunately, they are a little company and do not do much business from what I can tell. Annoying and it puts the signing company and notaries in a bad light to be that disorganized. He took my card and said he would like me to handle his future business. I did not say anything about the other notary or the signing company. He will take care of that! Move on!

Thank you for your reply. It’s good and unfortunate knowing that this is not that uncommon. Karen

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One of my signers actually cancelled a loan due to the rude behavior of the NSA. When we sat down to close the second time, they commented that I was much more patient with them and where happy with the services they received. Now that felt good to get some positive feedback.

Couple of weeks later the husband found my webpage and called to ask if I would be able to handle his small business bookkeeping and Taxes. Our offices are less than 5 miles from each other.

Note: they solicited me and it was weeks post closing.

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