Is this a scam

Got an email from a Matthew Williams from first american who wants me to sign up for docusign. Is this a scam? I’m so paranoid w/ all the scams going on these days.

interesting. was it something to do with esigning

Interesting… did he say for what purpose? I would give him a call and check. You can always try to google his name with the company to see if name, email and all that matches to what you received. I have never used DocuSign for notary tasks. I have only used DocuSign for non-notary digital signature executions when I worked at a law firm.

This looks like a contract w/ first American title. It says that in order to work for them through snapdocs the app needs to be signed.

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No, it looks like I need to docu sign a contract in order to get work from them in snap docs. Which I’ve already done, by the way.

I would call them and confirm. I also signed up with First American for my area. I only read you need Adobe 8 for their docs. Didn’t see anything for docusign. I’ll look at the paperwork again…

Ah ok. So you don’t actually need to purchase docusign yourself. They should email you their link that you click and sign the contracts in docusign from them.

So snapdocs looked into this for me & somehow were able to get ahold of him. EVERYTHINGS GOOD, NO SCAM. This is standard for their branch & completely legit in certain areas. :hugs: