I've been a pro member but not been offered a single signing?

Im just a bit confused! I’ve recently become a notary signing agent. Got the pro membership, but no signings. Also not sure why my profile says its only 64% complete, when I’ve filled out everything.

Hard too know since we can’t see your profile. Give the support staff a call and see what you’re missing that keeps you from being 100%.

Then, market, market, market. The phone won’t start ringing until you set things in motion.

Good luck to you.


Agree with prosigner - how this works is you contact companies to sign up with them - I used to ask them “please advise what is required to be included in your database of approved notary signing agents” - once you fill out the profile info on their website, if it’s a company that uses this platform you’ll get a notice asking if you have a profile here - answer yes and you’re good to go. I’d just follow up wth the company to make sure there’s nothing else you need.

But yes, it’s on you to contact companies and sign up with them - market market market - then when you’re done with that…start again.

Good Luck


Hey! Do you know how to find these signing services?

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HEY!!! (hehe…sorry…couldn’t resist. :smile: )

There’s a thread here that may help - titled “Best Signing Companies” - here’s the link for that thread


Start there - there is some good info in that thread…

Go to Notary Rotary - they have a “Signing Central” - a comprehensive list of Signing Companies and title companies accumulated over the years, added to the list by notaries, rated and reviewed by notaries. Just please, if you use that site, please please please believe what you read - if there are numerous posts or ratings saying they don’t pay, low pay, slow pay, blah blah (and I mean numerous posts - not the one in a million that just sounds like sour grapes) then believe them! The notaries there have taken their time to share their experiences both to help anyone looking and to warn anyone looking for companies to work with - trust their experience…then use that info to your best advantage.

Again, good luck


Thank you so so much!!! :slight_smile: