Kelly's notary services, tx -here we go again!

Well in my last posting over a year ago I stated to give Kelly Notary Services in Texas a chance. I have received an abundance of emails from Notaries to help them get paid. Fortunately, I was able to get all those paid who have contacted me. As of today, I am working with my last person. This is why I am sending this message. (1) Please know that I do not work with Kelly’s Notary Services, and (2) I am not an attorney. I am doing this from the kindness of my heart, and I do not like to see people being taken advantage of.

Again, I am receiving more emails from notaries about not getting paid. Unfortunately, I cannot help the others because my schedule does not allow it and it seems now that Kelly Notary is screening their calls or has the phone off the hook either way, they are not picking up calls.

So, what I am thinking of all those who have not been paid (and even those who were paid to many days past the due date) to file a big complaint with the Secretary of State in Texas, Attorney General, and the BBB as well as get it out on social media and maybe have a lawyer send them a letter threatening a class action suit. Do you agree? If you keep walking away from these companies and not do something about it, they will continue there bad behavior. Up to you.

Let me know your thoughts.

I noticed that Notary Café does not notify you when you have a message so feel free to contact me at:


Hope you are all doing well, have a safe and happy holiday.



@gloriasimpson727 I’m certain the Notary Cafe members will not only appreciate your past support, but also the ongoing support that you’re able to carve out time for . . .

Like many of your fellow business owners, the effort, energy, & expertise that we craft & share on the Notary Cafe forum is ALL DONE without compensation/pro bono.

FYI: You might find it more productive to review the previous threads with the non-payment posts by members by moniker and then list them in a post on this thread; i.e., like I did above on this post with your moniker - " @gloriasimpson727 I’m certain . . . "

Thank You for all you do for others.


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I just came across as I am closing books and Kelly mobile notary services never paid me. I have tried to reach numerous times and phone is no longer working. Anyone know if business name was change or how every one else resolved their issue with not getting paid? Thank you in advanced.

Check with the Secretary of State.

Kelly Notary is a scam…they dont pay the notaries. They did at first when I was shaming them but what happened was no other notary wanted to take them down and i wasnt going to take this fight by myself. I got paid because i told her to pay me now then I’ll do the signing which she did pay me but then they figured out that as long as they can keep getting notaries and not pay them was a big WIN for them because no one is fighting back. So im sorry they got you. The only thing I advise is that you email the title company the realtor and the signers so they are aware. Kellys Notary been doing this for a long time. Sorry…

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