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Hello, I’m new to posting here, but since they claim to have found me here, I wanted to give my two cents. I was contacted by Valerie to complete a last minute seller’s package near my home. My first red flag was when she was able to get me to agree to a lower price, with the promise that I would become their preferred notary! Next, she told me there was one signer, there were two. Third, it took two days for the client to confirm the appointment. Fourth, the second signer was ten minutes late, and once we got started, I had to wait for the signers to receive and pay for an invoice for home repairs in the middle of the signing.Lastly and most importantly, the signing was July 29, 2020 and I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID! Valerie is not returning my calls or emails! What a crappy thing to do! I’m going to complain to the BBB and everyone else who I can think of!
Thank you for letting me vent, if anyone had any advice, please let me know.

I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not, but an uncollectable invoice (in your case a 2 year old invoice) is considered “bad debt” by the IRS, and is tax deductible. The following comes from

If your primary motive for incurring the debt is business related. You can deduct it on Schedule C (Form 1040), Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship) or on your applicable business income tax return .

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@jacksteinfeld I don’t believe that refers to uncollected/unpaid invoices - I believe it refers to “business expenses” - advertising, marketing, insurances, etc.

The only way an unpaid invoice is deductible on a tax return is if the notary uses the accrual method of accounting, which most don’t - most use the cash method.

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@deejaywards Sorry to read about the payment difficulties you’re experiencing.

I’ve performed a cursory Search via the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe Database for other enlightening threads on this business entity. When you research these threads (see the direct url links below), you may glean some germane data about how to proceed & collect the funds due to you.

Here are the direct url links to those threads:

You can locate the ever-elusive/nearly invisible Magnifying Glass to perform a Search of the database in the image below:


Thanks for the correction. As per

If you’re a cash method taxpayer (most individuals are), you generally can’t take a bad debt deduction for unpaid salaries, wages, rents, fees, interests, dividends, and similar items .

OK first Google “Letter of Demand”, find a template you like and save it. Next write an email to the non-paying client stating that you require payment by 5PM the coming Friday, by FEDEX/UPS if necessary (best to send this email on Monday). Then look up in the state where the company is located; Secretary of State, Insurance commissioner. In the city/county they are located; District of Attorney, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and the title company that did the closing. Copy all these names and address into the email and let them know the Letter of Demand will be copied to all of these folks. Works every time for me. Although a payment from 2020 is pretty much a lost cause.

Update on Kelley’s Mobile Notary. I finally heard from Valerie last week after 4emails 3phone calls, 1 Facebook post, and 1 VERY honest Yelp review. She said she would reach out to accounting. Monday if this week, she emailed me with a copy of an envelope addressed to me, saying it was my payment and it was going to be mailed to me. I am withholding final judgment until after I receive my payment. Thank you all for your advice and kind words!

I hope you get your check. But when it takes all the emails and phone calls, etc. for them to finally tell you you’ll be paid, do you really think you will be paid? Why does it take all that collection work for you to receive what is rightfully and legally owed to you? Because the signing service is flakey at best and crooks most probably. They use all the tactics that people who don’t pay their utility bills do.

I’m hopeful a check that clears the bank is on its way to you.

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Hello Everyone . . . Sharing @deejaywards FINAL experience with Kelley’s Mobile Notary (created on a new thread on the Notary Cafe forum):


That company boils my blood pressure. They are so bad that I figured they are a scam. You cannot trust a company that is not with a signing platform. I have been asking them for 2 months to pay. I threatened them and the girl took a picture of the check to assure me it is only way. Check was in an envelope with my name appearing in the window. Two weeks today still no check! Kelley’s Mobile Notary fooled everyone. I will write it off and report this to the Texas Attorney General for fraud

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