Last Minute Signing Cancellations?

Over the last 60 days I’ve recently experienced an uptick in loan cancellations from several Signing Services and Title Companies. Cancellations happen, its just recently what was a 1 per month has grown into 8 in October and 12 in November.

These cancellations are occurring any where from a few days to hours before the appointment time, in a few cases while I was enroute. In 3 cases I was told at the door by the borrowers had cancelled the signing early in the day.

This isn’t a gripe about TCs or SSs for not getting word to me faster, as they’ve all paid me for my time and print costs. Fortunately, most of the time I can pickup a different signing to fill in the gap.

On the few occasions I’ve been able to converse with the signers, they all said there were problems that involved the lender and less often with Title.

My question; are any of you experiencing something similar? For my Central Texas colleagues is this happening you and possibly specific to our region?

Any insights would be appreciated.

Nope, I’m not having this problem. I’d hate to be cancelled at the last minute. I hope the SS and TCs pay you well when they shut you down with a late cancel.
Everyone I do signings for is so glad that I’m there because they want that lower rate they’ve spent the last four months working on with the lender and title. Cancel? Not them, brother.

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