Signings that fall through

I have had clients who have confirmed appointments but when I show up they cancel, and then I get partial or no payments. Or they cancel at the last minute or two hours before the appointment and once again I don’t get paid. Am I the only person experiencing this? Help please.


Yes. It’s most likely to happen when the signing comes out with short notice, like a text at 11am for a 3pm signing. Sometimes it’s because the signing agent had to withdrawal, but it’s often a clue that the title company is behind the 8-ball and hence more likely to be a cancel/ reschedule. Be leery of signings less than maybe 6 hours out. Any cancellation is frustrating because there are times we turn down other work for this signing who bails on us. By very careful with MV realty, I’ve had more cancellations with them than actual signings.

Thank Thank you for the response. So frustrating and true. I’ve rearranged my days only to be told, I would not be needed. I just wasn’t sure if this was a common problem.

Thank you again,