Lay of the land/state of the market for a newbie in Middle TN area?

Hi, all.
I am new to being a notary/NSA and am trying to get up to speed by browsing through the forum posts to figure out what the Reality of the situation is (instead of the training course rah-rah and the certain hyper-excited individuals online who want to sell me a get-rich-quick dream, for “only” $100 to $500 or so for their program. I’ve done sales before, and frankly I can recognize when my behind starts glowing from someone trying to blow sunshine up it in order to get me to part with my money. This site came up in all my ongoing due diligence about getting into this, and I am glad that I joined. I will probably be on the quiet side until I get up to speed more so as not to be that annoying 458th newbie this month to ask the Same Tired Old Question again. But if I have a specific issue, I will add in a post or two if that’s alright.
Thanks again for the welcome. Hopefully this business will succeed enough that I can afford to stay in it long enough to start making a profit and perhaps add something useful to the conversations?

On that note; is there anyone here in the Middle TN/Franklin-Brentwood area also? I am curious as to if this particular area is oversaturated with notaries/NSAs already or not. Is there still enough room at the table for one more local, or is it a case of not being able to swing a stick and avoid hitting three other notaries around here all competing for the same single signing?


@jamestravis1964 Excellent query . . .

Check out the tab above “Find A Notary” to see the large listing of notaries/Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] in your region.

Also, you’ll serve yourself BEST & save your wallet additionally by looking for the information immediately available within the Notary Cafe database.


Most members express that they find it difficult/NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of information available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate information about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . . :crown:


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Thank you, cNsa5. I will keep digging through the site to try and find out if there is still any way left to make anything from doing this anymore. Most of what I have seen so far is quite frankly, a little depressing as to the prospects. I’m not trying to “get rich quick” with this, but I also cannot rationalize doing it for a loss out of pocket, either. Perhaps I haven’t seen enough of a variety of different perspectives yet?

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  1. Check out the saturation within your region.
  2. Review these threads - please start at the top.

  1. Appears that you already are utilizing your critical thinking skills. That is Good.
  2. Study these threads in detail:


NOTE: Not much positive has changed since the above threads were created . . . but, in general, it’s in a downward spiral.

Some are altering their focus to Remote Online Notarizations [RONs], but that realm continues to be unstable and rife with pitfalls for the notaries/Professional Signing Agents [PSAs].

Do your OWN due diligence & read ALL the ‘fine print’ prior to signing contracts/agreements.


Some are returning to 9-5 work . . . some are Uber’ing it, some are expanding their services endeavoring to “smooth out” the peaks & valleys of this business sector.

For most who bought the ‘sizzle’ & weren’t sold any steak (after leaving their full-time position with benefits, insurance, holidays, etc.) are quite frustrated because this industry won’t financially support them.

Please read as much as you can. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge & then will be able to determine your best ‘next step’ or new course of action. :crown:

There are many more ‘jewels’ in the Notary Cafe database. Just think of a topic or question, type the keyword(s) into the Search Field (reference the post above identifying the Search location) and VOILA! Much to read & make note of within it.

There’s also many great answers to FAQs at this direct url: Notary Cafe | Contact Us for Responsive Support

These are the Topics there . . .



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Seems there are (too) many notaries in your area; couple that with the lowest volume and the highest interest rates in 25 years–doesn’t look very promising. One other thing to look at & think about is at the right of each notary’s profile is a little info about ‘area volume’ (12m:1 & 3m:1) which means that person had 1 job in last year & it was within the last 3 months. There was a time long ago when this was a very good business. This is not that time. Hiring parties are hurting too so offering so little that it won’t even pay for the gas you use.


Welcome James! I hope you enjoy the new venture and have much success🥳

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Thank you, Jamie. I appreciate the words of encouragement.

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