Leaving the Notary Business -

I’m just starting in the business & looking to purchase printer and all supplies needed. I live in El Paso TX.

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My suggestion to you is - based on reading this forum and others and hearing about the downturn in the market - shop Ebay - buy cheap for temporary til you’re sure you can make it; many have posted right here they’ve spent a small fortune on equipment just to have no work coming int.

Best of luck


I am new to the notary world. I would be interested in a dual tray printer.

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If you’re new I say wait…hone your notary skills first. Or go cheap

Search here using keyword “newbie” and “business” … You’ll see what I mean.

Also, location is key…


When I started my Notary journey in 2020 I also started the first (and only at the time) shop catering to us Notaries on Etsy (BestLifeNotary) and I have enjoyed e-commerce and learning digital marketing!


@pnevarez64 & @kingdomsocietyconsulting WHOA! EXTREME CAUTION should be implemented here! You both just made my head do a ‘Linda Blair Exorcist’ 360-degree spin on my neck! :flushed:

You both indicated you’re ENTERING this business sector . . . Before you spend another penny or expend another ounce of energy on it, please honor yourself by performing your own due diligence & activate your critical thinking processes on the sagacity of those actions. Here are a few threads to get you going (see below).

Also, you’ll want to take a look at the Notary Cafe Forum listing of threads! There are myriad threads with many begging for information about “where are the Signing Orders?”

Plus, I’m wondering if you’ve caught the new reports about all the industry sector layoffs in the major Mortgage business entities, Title/Escrow companies [T/ECs], Signing Services going Out-of-Business [OOB], Non-payment by Signing Services, etc.



@pnevarez64 & @kingdomsocietyconsulting P.S. Here is another one with an insightful article at the top . . .


Don’t buy-into the Sizzle (look before you leap!)




Good Luck and Congratulations :slight_smile:

I miss the 5k or more a month in extra income. Thankfully for me, fulltime job (law office) legal billing I never had to buy anything, and used the equipment i had the office or here. Most definitely try offerup of Facebook marketplace to sale your stuff. Goodluck with your future endeavors.

Over the last 25 - 30 years I have left the Notary business 2 or 3 times. I’d recommend you hang on to the equipment a while.


Hi Jessica,

I am an experienced notary and could use the additional equipment. Please let me know how much you are selling your printer and scanner for, I am willing to purchase what you have. Can you please let me know the make and model of the printer and scanner? Thank you, Jessica.

Wishing you the best in your new journey!

Before you liquidate, consider that a good printer, paper, and office supplies may be helpful to you for other home businesses too, not just for Notaries.

I wish you good luck in your next venture.


I rolled my equipment into my Tax Business.


I wish you well in your new Journey, but you should really consider holding on to printer/scanner.

I wish you luck & joy in your new adventure!
Be sure to check with your State on how to dispose properly of your Stamp and/or Seal and store your Journal securely.

Congratulations that your journey has led you to a new path that is enjoyable and profitable. I am a newbie NSA and looking for additional equipment and supplies. Where are you located?
Wishing You The Very Best!!!

Where are you located?

Girl!!! How amazing you must have been to make 5k a month! What type of marketing did you do?? I’m struggling - big time.

The best thing that came from Covid was the interest rates. Interest rates were at a record low, many were rushing to refinance and buy. I seriously use to have 4-5 closings a day. Now? I am lucky to do 4 a month. Its not you, its the industry. Until the interest rates drop, we’re all pretty much at a stand still.