LeJeune Notary - Pay me my money

How do i get my payment from LeJeune Notary - Major Liar.
I called the owner several times, sometimes he answers and sometimes not, but when he does
he requests an email with invoice (confirmation should do) and still haven’t paid. it’s been since Jan 2019.
He owes me $400.00. How can I sue?

Check your state’s small claims procedures/rules. See if you can file in your own court. Also, did you sign any “contractual” agreements with them - where many of them sneak in the clause that all disputes will be regulated by the laws of the state of " - if you did, that’s a problem.

Call the title company who handled the escrow. They should know this guy doesn’t pay his notaries who brought the game to a successful close.

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Even IF you take them to court and win there is no guarantee that you will get paid. Carefully consider the time, effort and cost that it will take to take them to small claims court (losing hours / days of work, paying court costs etc) before you decide to go ahead. Even if you win all that will happen is a judgement will be placed against them, and you still may not ever get your money.

Check the forum, some NSA’s have given some very creative ways to twist the arm of a non paying companies that may work better for you and taking them to court.

Also, talk to your accountant and write the $400 off as bad debt if you don’t get paid.


After a couple of emails and a few calls I successfully got paid by sending him invoices with a stamp saying “Overdue - pay ASAP to avoid collections!” He paid me right away with an e-check. Good luck!


Wow very strange to read this. I never had issues. I hope he pays you. He always paid me on time.

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I suggest you call me at 954-274-5107…I’ll give you your options

Never had any issue with them, maybe send them your invoice as requested. Seems like a simple request, remember who is paying who.

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i have never had an issues with these guys. glad you got paid finally.

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Did you send them an invoice? You might consider letting them know you will be contacting the Title Company on the order. (If you still have the Title Company’s info) They don’t usually want their customers knowing they are collecting money from them and then not paying their notaries. They have been around a long time, I get only a couple from them a year.

I had a similar problem with them. At the signing table borrower refused to sign. LeJeune promised to pay my half the fee. After calling and sending overdue invoices to him, finally paid 4 months later. I will never work for him again!
Sorry you are having this trouble. Hope you can get your money soon.

He used to pay on time and then he didn’t and hasn’t paid for a couple of signing I completed for him since September last year.

Try reporting them to the BBB, I did report a couple of companies and got paid right away.

I am having the same issue with this company. The last time I talked to them they wanted to know why I took so long to contact them. I told them that I sent them numerous emails and made several calls. Their response was send me an email.

He owed me for two orders since last year, I sent him an email last night stating that I would file a complaint with the BBB and contact the escrow companies to let them know he was not paying the notaries and he answered first thing this morning, he apologized for the delay and sent me an echeck by the end of the day. Try it, it worked for me.

He’s on the black list of notary work. I was lucky he actually paid me but there’s a notary pay service that has a blacklist of non-payer’s and he’s one it. One thing that we do is call title and post a negative review on the title agency website mentioning their affiliation and then calling to tell them you posted that they abuse notaries and eventually one of them will pay. If they aren’t paying there’s no contract that says you can’t post a public review about how they don’t care about the serivices they use as a vendor.

Call the title company that hired them. Also email them and cc the title company. I only had to do one company like that and have not had any issues with any other company to date.

He is the worst! I emailed almost every day, resent the invoice every other day. I finally got paid, but probably only because he got tired of my emails.

My advise is to email, put it in writing and don’t stop, do it every day and if you do decide to go to small claims court, you’ll have a paper trail.

Call every week, and email every week stating I still haven’t been paid for the signing I did on “date” and send invoice. When you do get him on the phone he will say it’s up to accounting to pay you. Signing was 1/26/19 I was paid via ECheck on 3/15/19.

After 2 months and 3 invoices, he finally paid me. Mine’s was only 85.00 bucks. It was a E-check also, I hope doesn’t bounce. It appears he pays the small debts. Good luck. I also blew up his phone every week.