Loan Signing Notarizations

I’m curious regarding the max number of certifications anyone has done for a loan signing. So far I’ve done 16 for one loan signing. Is that considered average for a loan signing? Low?

Sorry but that is extreme, I bet most of those notarizations are for title co? :thinking:

(CA) If your question is how many actual notarizations (acknowledgements and jurats) have I done in one signing, the number is 29.

The packages I have worked on have been split between title company and lender. Some of the notarizations are being done twice, 1 form to the title company and one to the lender.

Yes, I was referring to the actual number, a combination of acknowledgement and jurat. Thanks for your response.

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My record is 35 for a VA Refi on a manufactured home including the land and other improvements.


Welcome aboard! Not an off beat number at all (depending on the transaction). Don’t count the pages with stamps. Count the stamps themselves. You may be even more surprised!