Loan Signing Notarizations

I’m curious regarding the max number of certifications anyone has done for a loan signing. So far I’ve done 16 for one loan signing. Is that considered average for a loan signing? Low?

Sorry but that is extreme, I bet most of those notarizations are for title co? :thinking:

(CA) If your question is how many actual notarizations (acknowledgements and jurats) have I done in one signing, the number is 29.

The packages I have worked on have been split between title company and lender. Some of the notarizations are being done twice, 1 form to the title company and one to the lender.

Yes, I was referring to the actual number, a combination of acknowledgement and jurat. Thanks for your response.

My record is 35 for a VA Refi on a manufactured home including the land and other improvements.

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Welcome aboard! Not an off beat number at all (depending on the transaction). Don’t count the pages with stamps. Count the stamps themselves. You may be even more surprised!